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    Chapter 8: Monsters

    Treant Sapling
    Small Plant
    Hit Dice: 3d8+3 (20 hp)
    Initiative: +1
    Speed: 30 feet
    Armor Class: 17 (+1 size, +1 Dex, +5 natural), touch 12, flat-footed 16
    Base Attack/Grapple: +2/-1
    Attack: Slam +3 melee (1d4+1)
    Full Attack: 2 slams +3 melee (1d4+1)
    Space/Reach: 5 ft./5 ft.
    Special Attacks: Double damage against objects
    Special Qualities: Damage reduction 5/slashing, low-light vision, plant traits, vulnerability to fire
    Saves: Fort +4, Ref +2, Will +5
    Abilities: Str 13, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10
    Skills: Hide +4*, Knowledge (nature) +3, Listen +5, Spot +5, Survival +5
    Feats: Iron Will, Power Attack
    Environment: Temperate forests
    Organization: Solitary or grove (4–7)
    Challenge Rating: 2
    Treasure: Standard
    Alignment: Usually neutral good
    Advancement: 4 HD (Medium); 5-6 HD (Large)
    Level Adjustment: +3
    Double Damage against Objects (Ex): A treant that makes a full attack against an object or structure deals double damage.
    Skills: *Treants have a +16 racial bonus on Hide checks made in forested areas.


    Spoiler: 2013
    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • All Classes: I have introduced Medium Base Saves, reducing the good saves of some of the classes to medium and increasing the poor saves of other classes to medium.
    • Class: Sentinel DR has been reduced.
    • Class:Troubadour's Quick Thinking, Mental Resistance, and Fortune's Friend have been made slightly stronger.
    • Archetypes: Added a table for quick reference.
    • Archetype: Assassin now has a proper Greater Power.
    • Archetype: Beastmaster has returned! I'm still not sure how it got deleted...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • Class: Added the Augur (Missing one of the three capstone abilities)
    • Class: Added the Magus
    • Class: Added the Spellblade

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Posts changed up a little and formatting updated to make the project more readable and give an extra empty post for more information
    • General: Spells section added!

    • Class: Augur – Skill list edited.
    • Class: Spellblade – Skill list edited. Reduced to 3/4 BAB. Spell progression changed. Surging Conduit capstone power changed.
    • Class: Brawler – Critical Strike ability specified to stack with similar abilities.
    • Class: Troubadour – Minor edits for spelling and grammar.

    • Archetypes: All archetypes have been edited to give proper names to all abilities. This will allow extension of the abilities through feats and other options much, much easier in the future. Hopefully, this will also make it more friendly to new players.
    • Archetype: Green Mage added!
    • Archetype: Priest added! (domains forthcoming)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Divine Domains section added!

    • Class: Brawler – Fixed some typos. Clarified a few abilities. Replaced Deadly Strikes ability.

    • Archetype: Priest – domains given the proper name "Divine Domains" to reflect the specific domains used with this system.

    • Spells: Published the first four Divine Domains. I have another 5 that are almost finished and should be posted shortly. I went ahead and published all the domains I have so far. Most of them have quite a few blanks remaining. While I don't have it written up yet, I have a good idea of what spells I would like to have in each domain. However, I'm always open to suggestions.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Formatting update to various sections.

    • Class: Acrobat – Minor edits for clarity. Fixed some typos.
    • Class: Augur – Channel Shift capstone ability added. Fixed some typos.
    • Class: Sentinel – Minor edits for clarity.
    • Class: Expert – Insightful Strike ability slightly changed. Added the following capstone abilities: Epiphany, Skill Insight, Brains Over Brawn
    • Class: Troubadour – Clarification made on Magic Aptitude and Fortune's Friend abilities. Added the following capstone abilities: Great Motivator, Quite Fortunate

    • Archetype: Red Mage added!
    • Archetype: Assassin – Added the following capstone abilities: Opportunistic Backstab, Poisonous Insight, Charming Killer
    • Archetype: Green Mage – Unnecessary (Su) tag removed from Nature's Ally ability.
    • Archetype: Priest – Third domain moved to moderate ability. Fourth domain added as greater ability. Unnecessary (Su) tag removed from Divine Touch ability.
    • Archetype: Sniper – Fixed for minor typos. Added the following capstone abilities: Twice Deadly, Warding Bow, Greater Skilled Sniping, Insightful Aim, Inspiring Aim
    • Archetype: Trapsmith – Added the following capstone abilities: Brilliant Trap, Aura of Safety

    • Spells: Orb of Energy and Orb of Energy, Lesser added!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Archetypes post hit max character limit, so we have another minor post shuffle. The Table of Contents has been updated to reflect the change.

    • Archetype: Skirmisher added!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Formatting updates, minor edits, and several fluff additions throughout.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Added a Feats chapter with general information on metamagic feats. No actual feats have been added yet, but they're coming! Note that this has bumped the Magic chapter to Chapter 5 and moved it down one post.

    • Class: Brawler – Added Ride as a class skill.
    • Class: Gladiator
      • Fixed typos.
      • Added Ride as a class skill.
      • Fancy Footwork ability rewritten.
    • Class: Sentinel
      • Fixed typos.
      • Added Sense Motive and Use Rope as class skills.
      • Warding ability slightly changed and reworded for clarity.
      • Clarification on Provocation ability.
      • Improved Uncanny Dodge edited.
    • Class: Troubadour – Fixed typos.
    • Class: Augur
      • Clarified issue on spellcasting ability.
      • Added kicker costs to Spirit Surge and Great Surge abilities.
      • Slight rewording of Deep Insight ability for clarity.
      • Cost of Counterspell ability increased.
    • Class: Magus – Fixed typos.
    • Class: Spellblade – Added recharge rate to spellcasting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: “Compendium” changed to “Player's Guide”

    • Class: Gladiator – Changed references to Fighter feats to Combat feats.
    • Class: Acrobat – Clarification on Skilled Acrobat and AC Bonus abilities.
    • Class: Augur – Fixed typo

    • Archetype: Beastmaster
      • Added capstones for Arcrobat, Expert, Troubadour, Augur, and Magus.
      • Added a “Special” line to grant spell access to Magic classes.
    • Archetype: Pugilist – Added capstone ability Sentinel – Guarding Lunge (Ex)

    • Backgrounds: Reformatted post
    • Background: Added Apprentice
    • Background: Added Aristocrat

    • Magic: Reformatted Spells section.
    • Divine Domains:
      • Added a missing rule about spells gaining the appropriate descriptors based on divine domain spheres.
      • Fleshed out several divine domains: Raging Inferno, Stench of Decay, Living Waters, Shattered Stone, Earth's Fury, Light of Life, Earth's Embrace, Gentle Breath, Crushing Waves
    • Spells: Added new spells.
      • Ash Storm
      • Desiccate
      • Earthen Betrayal
      • Restorative Dew
      • Stinking Miasma
      • Spitting Earth
      • Summon Living Element
      • Swim
      • Surging Waters
      • Grasping Earth
      • Produce Electricity

    • Templates: As mentioned yesterday, I added a Templates section for people wishing to contribute to the project.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Archived all extant changelogs to the front page for easy reference.

    • Class: Brawler – clarified issue with Critical Strike
    • Class: Expert
      • fixed typos
      • fixed error in Insight ability
      • Added Journeyman professional knack.
      • Knack lists alphabatized
    • Class: Troubadour – Inspiring Auras list alphabatized
    • Class: Augur – fixed typos, added duration to Vigor
    • Class: Spellblade – Minor clarifications on eldritch blast and spell conduit

    • Archetype: Added Duelist!
    • Archetype: Added Templar!
    • Archetype: Added Hoplite!
    • Archetype: Assassin – clarified Acrobat capstone
    • Archetype: Beastmaster – fixed Augur ability
    • Archetype: Trapsmith – Added capstones for Augur, Magus, and Spellblade

    • Feats: Added Combat, Magic, and Skillful Feats rules.
    • Feats: Added the following feats
      • Combat Focus
      • Combat Lunge
      • Focused Body
      • Focused Critical
      • Meditative Focus
      • Perfect Strike
      • Unerring Strike

    • Divine Domains: Edited the Air spell selection. Finished the Gentle Breath divine domain.
    • Spells: Stinking Miasma – spell effect slightly altered.
    • Spells: Summon Living Element – uploaded the correct spell description.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Added Equipment section!

    • Archeype: Red Mage – Slight wording update
    • Archeype: Trapsmith
      • Tactical Traps ability updated
      • Tactical Traps list added!
      • Spell list added!
      • Typos corrected.
      • Acrobat capstone edited

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • Class: Acrobat – Number of class skills corrected.
    • Class: Expert
      • Edited the Epiphany capstone ability to be more useful.
      • Insightful Strike slightly reworded and bonus type added.
    • Class: Troubadour
      • Typos fixed
      • Mental Resistance ability slightly edited.
      • Fortune's Friend ability slightly edited.
      • Inspirational Speech renamed to Harmonizing Aura
      • Inspiring Auras:
        • Distraction – Changed “Immediate” to “Swift or Immediate”
        • Inspire Ability – slight clarification and addition to ability
        • Inspire Competence – slight clarification
    • Class: Spellblade
      • Typos fixed
      • Surging Conduit – slight clarification

    • Archetype: Green Mage – Nonexistent ambiguity clarified to more explicitly prevent intentional misinterpretation.
    • Archetype: Priest – Nonexistent ambiguity clarified to more explicitly prevent intentional misinterpretation.
    • Archetype: Red Mage – Nonexistent ambiguity clarified to more explicitly prevent intentional misinterpretation.

    Also, I've started posting some work on the first expansion to this system:
    The R'E6 Census of Peoples and Races

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Once again, we have a minor post shuffle to accommodate additional material
    • Class: Brawler – Slight update to Quick Acrobat.
    • Class: Sentinel – Warding ability changed to grant a Warding bonus rather than a Cover bonus to the ward's AC.
    • Class: Magus – Speak Language added to skill list.
    • Class: Spellblade – Combat Training ability added.

    • Archetype: Breathstealer – Unarmed Combat ability added.
    • Archetype: Trapsmith – Open Lock added to skill list.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • Class: Acrobat – Clarification on Distracting Flank ability.
    • Class: Magus
      • Number of cantrips per day increased by 1 starting from 3rd level
      • One additional 1st-level spell per day at level 6.
      • Eclectic Study ability updated to allow selection of domain spells.
    • Class: Spellblade
      • Spells with duration now add duration to refresh time.
      • Specified how to handle using Spell Conduit with spells granting multiple attacks.
      • Clarification on Surging Conduit ability.
      • Eldritch Power ability increased from +4 to +5.

    • Archetype: Huntsman added!
    • Archetype: Hoplite – Deflecting Shield ability increased to 30%.
    • Archetype: Priest – Spell list now references Priest having divine domain access.
    • Archetype: Templar
      • Fixed typos.
      • Channeling (Smite) – Added additional +1 to attack in some circumstances.
      • Channeling (Invigorating Touch) – Modified to be usable as a swift action.
      • Channeling (Restorative Touch) – Modified to only be usable on others.
      • Courageous and Righteous Resolve abilities combined into Courageous Resolve ability.
      • Self Sacrifice ability added.
      • Brutal Smite ability clarification.

    • Background: Removed Animal Friend

    • Feats: Added Extra Knack and Knack Generalist feats.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • Class: Gladiator
      • Fixed typos.
      • Unorthodox Maneuvers edited for readability and clarity.
    • Class: Acrobat – Acrobatic Leaping and Acrobatic Swinging edited for readability and clarity.
    • Class: Expert – fixed some typos.
    • Class: Augur – Changed table slightly
    • Class: Spellblade – Edits to Spellcasting and Spell Conduit abilities.

    • Archetype: Assassin
      • Craft (poisonmaking) added to Archetype Skills
      • Poison Use moved to Lesser Power
      • Uncanny Dodge added to Moderate Power
      • Charming Killer capstone ability modified
      • Fixed typos
    • Archetype: Breathstealer
      • Reorganized and reworded slightly for clarity.
      • Powerful Grapple ability moved from Lesser Power to Moderate Power.
      • Constrict ability increased to 2x Strength.
      • Mighty Wrestling added to Lesser Power.
    • Archetype: Force Adept added!
    • Archetype: Green Mage
      • Woodland Stride ability moved to Lesser Power.
      • Whispers of the Wild ability moved to Moderate Power and changed from (Sp) to (Su).
      • Treant Sapling ability added to Greater Power.
    • Archetype: Huntsman – Added missing tables.
    • Archetype: Red Mage
      • Added special exception for spellblades to the Orbs of Energy ability.
      • Added Blade Wind to the spell list.
      • Added Hurl Item to the spell list.
    • Archetype: Skirmisher
      • Nimble moved to Lesser Power
      • Fast Movement added to Moderate Power
      • Skirmish Sneak Attack ability edited slightly.

    • Spells: Swim – Proper material component added.
    • Spells: Added several spells.
      • Blade Wind
      • Call Item
      • Force Gem
      • Force Knife
      • Hurl Item
      • Mage Hand, Greater
      • Magic Missile Swarm
      • Magic Missile, Greater

    • Added Chapter 7: Monsters!

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Reworked to accommodate new table code.
    • General: Minor post shuffle.

    • Archetype: Assassin
      • Fixed several typos.
    • Archetype: Beastmaster
      • Added specific spell list.
      • Wild Whispers changed from (Ex) to (Su).
    • Archetype: Brute
      • Slight change to Indomitable ability.
    • Archetype: Duelist
      • Renamed Flyn's Offense to Agrippa's Offense.
      • Added Gladiator capstone.
    • Archetype: Force Adept
      • Minor formatting edits.
    • Archetype: Green Mage
      • Change to Spellblade capstone.
      • Remove Disease spell moved from 3rd to 2nd level.
      • Added the following spells: Jump, Speak with Animals, Beastly Power, Wild Insight.
      • Removed the following spells: Bear's Endurance, Bull's Strength, Cat's Grace, Owl's Wisdom, Reduce Animal, Soften Earth and Stone, Warp Wood, Greater Magic Fang.
    • Archetype: Hoplite
      • Shield Offensive modified in respect to how tower shields are handled.
      • Specified weapon damage for tower shields.
      • Clarification on Improved Shield Offensive.
      • Clarification on Brawler capstone.
      • Clarification on Gladiator capstone.
      • Slight change to Sentinel capstone.
    • Archetype: Huntsman
      • Added weapon proficiency.
      • Added Urban to list of Favored Environments.
    • Archetype: Priest
      • Clarification to Divine Domains ability.
      • Clarification to Divine Touch.
      • Added missing "bonus" to Church Authority. Changed bonus increase from 6th level to 5th level.
      • Clarification on Third Domain.
      • Clarification on Fourth Domain.
      • Added maximum bonus amount to Spellblade capstone.
      • Added "(good only)" and "(evil only)" to certain spells.
      • Added the following spells: Cure Minor Wounds, Neutralize Poison, Poison.
    • Archetype: Pugilist
      • Clarification on Penetrating Strike and Greater Penetrating Strike.
      • Removed Imbued Fist ability.
    • Archetype: Red Mage
      • Clarification on Orbs of Energy ability.
      • Clarification to Spellbattle.
      • Clarification to Magus capstone.
      • Added the following spells: Open/Close, Touch of Fatigue, Elemental Weapon
      • Removed the following spells: Obscuring Mist, Flame Arrow, Ice Storm, Greater Magic Weapon, Sleet Storm
    • Archetype: Skirmisher
      • Fixed minor typos.
    • Archetype: Template
      • Complete change to how a Templar's Channeling ability and motes function.
      • Minor edits to channeling abilities.
      • Self Sacrifice ability modified to accommodate new mote system.
    • Archetype: Trapsmith
      • Fixed minor typos.
      • Added the following spells: Detect Snares and Pits, Dispel Magic, Snare
      • Tactical Traps moved to their own section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • Genereal: Updated tables throughout to incorporate the updated styling options of the new system.
    • Magic Classes: Re-added missing table information lost in the table transition.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    • General: Updated codes across all tables.
    • General: Formatting changes across all Classes and Archetypes

    • Class: Brawler – Corrected typo.
    • Class: Magus – Great Lore bonus increased.

    • Archetype: Assassin – Slight wording changes.
    • Archetype: Beastmaster – Removed errant reference to “druid”.
    • Archetype: Duelist – Changed Rhythm ability restrictions.
    • Archetype: Force Adept
      • Piercing Missiles – Clarification
      • Force Wave – Slight change
      • Magus – Missile Master – Changed to 3 rounds.
    • Archetype: Hoplite
      • Shield Offensive – Tower shield clarification.
      • Defensive Maneuvers – Clarification
      • Brawler Befuddling Blow – Slight change
    • Archetype: Huntsman – Changed armor proficiency
    • Archetype: Pugilist – Reworded Unarmed Strike ability.
    • Archetype: Red Mage – Nimble added armor limitation.
    • Archetype: Skirmisher – Nimble added armor limitation.
    • Archetype: Templar
      • Channeling – Clarification
      • Restorative Touch – Wording change.
    • Archetype: Trapsmith – Damage resistance from Trap Defense ability given a damage type.

    • Feats: Finally fixed feats table after forum updates.
    • Feats: Slight changes to metamagic.
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