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Thread: [3.5/E6] Rizban's E6 Compendium

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    Did you intent that the sneak-thief could only use evasion when not wearing armor, even though they are proficient in light armor? I could see relying on high dex and the built in AC bonus for defense, but it still jumped out at me. Also, the skill bonus doesn't appear to apply to hide, which would seem like a good one to include.

    I presume that trapfinding will come with an archetype or background, hence it not being on the sneak-thief's chassis? Never cared for trying to force a rogue into every party because only rogues could find traps. A dungeon-delver or trapsmith archetype would work nicely in your system, allowing anyone to handle that. Which I suspect you already thought of.

    Do you want the sneak-thief to be intelligent as well as sneaky? Some way to add INT to certain checks or rolls might be welcome.

    Also, would you consider allowing the assassin archetype for combat classes? It would allow for tricky fighters in a convenient way, unless you think having the extra sneak attack damage on top of a full martial chassis would be too much.
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