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    Quote Originally Posted by stack View Post
    Did you intent that the sneak-thief could only use evasion when not wearing armor, even though they are proficient in light armor? I could see relying on high dex and the built in AC bonus for defense, but it still jumped out at me. Also, the skill bonus doesn't appear to apply to hide, which would seem like a good one to include.
    That was an error on my part. It is meant to work in up to light armor.
    I originally did have Hide on the list but removed it intentionally. The Sneak-Thief is going to be the Skillful equivalent of Brawler when I finish it, one of the two primary focuses being "movement."

    Quote Originally Posted by stack View Post
    I presume that trapfinding will come with an archetype or background, hence it not being on the sneak-thief's chassis? Never cared for trying to force a rogue into every party because only rogues could find traps. A dungeon-delver or trapsmith archetype would work nicely in your system, allowing anyone to handle that. Which I suspect you already thought of.
    Yes, I intend for the trapfinding ability to be on an archetype as well as on part of the core of a different skillful class. The archetype will be open to all classes. In fact, the mechanic/trapsmith is the archetype on which I'm currently working.

    Quote Originally Posted by stack View Post
    Do you want the sneak-thief to be intelligent as well as sneaky? Some way to add INT to certain checks or rolls might be welcome.
    No, the next class I'm including is going to be the INT focused one. Whether I'll be calling it Sage or Expert, I have yet to decide. I'm still trying to decide whether to do a Cloistered Cleric type approach with it and making it Knowledge focused (hence Sage) or going with a more general Factotum type approach (hence Expert). I'm currently leaning toward a Factotum type class and a Sage archetype.

    Quote Originally Posted by stack View Post
    Also, would you consider allowing the assassin archetype for combat classes? It would allow for tricky fighters in a convenient way, unless you think having the extra sneak attack damage on top of a full martial chassis would be too much.
    I felt like I wanted to keep precision based damage to the skillful classes to reflect their skills in combat. Part of my design philosophy is trying to ensure that each group of classes have some sort of unique aspect for them.

    Combat - Physical power and ability in combat
    Skillful - Skills, tricks, and precision damage
    Magic - Spells and magic

    I was planning to have a few "cross group" archetypes, such as the sniper, but these are intended to be the exception rather than the rule. Sneak attack is definitely something I want to keep set aside just for Skillful classes. I'm also tentatively considering dropping precision damage off of the sniper for a different ability and creating a skirmish damage based archetype that works cross group instead.
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