OK, everything should now be caught up to the present, though I may have miscounted in some of the betting statistics; I'll fix that later.

To answer the various rules questions that have come up: No, you don't have to restate your bet if you're keeping it the same. In fact, if you restate it, I'll just ignore this (i.e. I won't take this to mean you can't change it later). And yes, if vampire Durkon is destroyed, that will count as another death for Durkon.

And no, I'm not going to go changing the basic rules now, however sensible the new system may be. This thing's been going for a while now and I don't want to have to work out any sort of transition. That just sounds like too much work. You want to start a different death pool thread with your own scoring mechanism, go ahead (so long as you make the thread title sufficiently different that it won't get confused with this one).