Hey guys, I'm in the Jacksonville NC, region and i don't mind if its play by post or meaning up in Real life. I have a few long DND campaigns under my belt as well as a few pathfinder games... I have been playing under the D10 system for a while. you know, mainly White Wolf stuff like Vampires and Werewolf... i have even played the Dark crusade and death watch with space marines and played as humans... so i'm pretty versatile and i have played on a few RP sights as well so i can go into depth and detail if we play by post. my spelling isn't that great but ill spell check it. yeah.. so if you were to message me about joining a game i wouldn't know how i would know i got it so ill just check here a few times a day? and just a side note.. im looking forward to possible a Total conquest game. i have heard about them.. (never tried one) its supposed to be like Risk or something? as well as if we play a D20 system... my character will not be using magic... i think its just too much of a hassle to deal with the preparations when i could just be a rouge, ranger, or a fighter. so those are my classes that i would pick from or maybe just advanced tiers of those classes like a ninja?