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Thread: Looking for co-operation... (dnd3.5)

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    I like to be a brain-storming partner, and if nothing else, I am a good sounding board to refine your own ideas. Feel free to PM me any time. (I will read more of your campaign notes later tonight, as of this typing, I am on my lunch break at work.)

    A couple of things you may want to consider: bolded text is primary question.

    Who are the most famous people in the world? Are there movers and shakers? What do the common people think of these individuals? What do the commoner think of their own leaders, or those of the other nations?

    What are the politics of the world? How do these regions interact with each other? Do the mages play an important role in politics? Do the churches of any particular deity influence nations in any way? How do these nations trade with each other? What are the exports of these regions? What are these regions known for?
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