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    Post (Creature) (Spell) Organ Undead, Nightmares of Anatomy (P.E.A.C.H.)

    Wikipedia-like Cross-Indexing (More are listed at the top of the entries of this series that they are most closely related to.)
    Smaller threads:
    Two Oozes Made of Blood (Not undead, but one has the Tomb-Tainted Soul Feat): Gratuitous Gore and Blood Ooze
    Cruor Skeleton - Mobile circulatory system, minus the heart.

    Istoq - Pathfinder "Deluxe" relative of the Rolling Eyeball.

    Wombstrangler - By The Demented One. Made from the umbilical cords of 10,000 stillborn babies. Turns living creatures into zombies.
    And the Epic version of the above, the Queen of the Blighted Womb - Also by The Demented One
    Peritoneal Brute - By Icewalker
    Synovial Freak - By Icewalker

    An alternate animation for lungs I created to raise morale during the COVID-19 crisis (5e version).

    A Mega-Thread:
    Elemental Plane of Flesh - By Zeta Kai

    Development History
    A long time back, subconsciously inspired by a children's novel about an oriental-style dragon princess, and her human sidekick. I decided that skeletons were all very well and good, but what about skins?

    Of course, having done that, I later ended up doing intestines that fight like constrictor snakes for one of the old creature creation contests. And, having done that I thought I would see how many other organs I could turn into useful minor undead.

    These help make Animate Dead more than the same old zombies and skeletons, reward skill-point investment and diversified spell lists including giving incentive for having both arcane and divine necromancers involved (or being a mystic theurge).

    Many people see these as humorous, and I guess that is in the eye of the beholder. Personally I only ever designed the Zooming Brains to be funny, and I now intend to eventually add a less intentionally problematic (although by no means unusable) version of them.

    Years later, here we are, and I have pulled everything I have that is usable (and maybe some stuff that isn't), into one thread. The formatting may be a bit rough of some of these things until I can get back around to give them another coat of polish (I had to get the older threads unlocked from a mass locking that happened to make the database more efficient, and I was in a hurry so I could let Roland re-lock them). Stuff that should be centered in tables isn't, and I want to make the Empty Skins less costly in terms of how many hitdie they take up, and it turns out that I need to add a subtype to everything and... well, there are two several brand new monsters, and some things many people may have never taken a look at, and I could use PEACH on all of it, especially the new stuff.

    Game Impact and Themes

    GMs should use the Diminutive and Fine versions of these things with great care, since they can easily wreck a party at low levels. They don't do much, but their ACs are very high, and the most mundane solution is running away(something many PCs are loathe to do), followed by burning oil (or more commonly for PCs alchemist's fire). Past that they fall easily to turning (1/2 HD or less means if they either are unaffected on a bad roll, or are destroyed on a decent one), magic missile, Burning Hands, etc. They are very dangerous as ambushers, for instance attacking a rogue who is looking for traps.

    One aspect of these that actually reduces the horror factor in some ways, while increasing the amount of rational paranoia that can exist in a setting regarding undead-raising necromancers, is that most of these can be combat effective when made from farm animals, rather than humanoids. The reduced horror factor is that it isn't someone's grandmother or son being bound to unholy service but a beef steer that the necromancer paid a fair price for in order to keep a low profile. The paranoia part comes from the fact that anyone who butchers their own livestock (in other words a majority of the population in a medieval setting, at least from time to time) could be secretly reserving a few of the organs to turn into undead minions if they have even sorcererous talent, a patient mind, and the onyx material component.

    Index (Will turn the rest of these into links when I eventually create actual content for them to link to).
    1. Development History, Game Impact and Themes, Index, and Definition of [Organ Undead] Type (You are looking at this.)
    2. Anatomical Juggernaut Template(BARELY BEGUN CONSTRUCTION) and the thematically, but not mechanically related "Mr. Sanguine" story drabble.
    3. Reserved for Anatomical Juggernaut specific examples 1 A-E
    4. Reserved for Anatomical Juggernaut specific examples 2 F-M
    5. Reserved for Anatomical Juggernaut specific examples 3 N-Z
    6. Reserved for Mystery Organ I am not personally competent to make.
    7. Dark Heart
    8. Empty Skin
    9. Reserved for Empty Skin Examples 1
    10. Reserved for Empty Skin Examples 2
    11. Fat Glob
    12. Floating Lungs
    13. Gut Snake
    14. Hopping Stomach
    15. Laughing Uvula (Complete for GM use) and Muscle Mass (Complete)
    16. Plague Tonsils (WORK IN PROGRESS)
    17. Rolling Eyeball
    18. Sinister Spinal Cord and Link to Skeleton
    20. Slithering Liver
    21. Spinning-Horizon Inner Ear
    22. Zooming Brain
    23. Zooming Brain Specific Examples 1
    24. Corpse Ripper, Slaughter Ripper, and Corpse Peeler spells. Tables of additions to Summon Undead I to IX*, Dread Necromancer and Warlock Adaptation
      *Yes, I know the published versions of those spells don't go that high.
    25. Reserved for Corpse Ripper and Corpse Peeler Specific Examples 1
    26. Reserved for Corpse Ripper and Corpse Peeler Specific Examples 2
    27. Farm Animal Stats and Links
    28. Room for expansion
    29. Beginnings of 5th Edition versions

    New Creature Subtype
    Organ Undead: For purposes of controlling or creation add the basic racial turn resistance of an undead with this subtype to its hitdice in all cases rather than only for turning/rebuking/commanding/destroying. Note especially that this applies to how many hitdice worth of the Animate Dead control pool it takes up.

    Undead with this subtype often require additional spells to create in the simplest way, in addition to skill (or luck) with cutting up inanimate corpses to remove the organ.
    ((Lanthsor had a suggestion for re-phrasing this.))
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