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    Default IC: Avengers: HEROIC

    With the rest of the Avengers fighting Thanos off world, it is left to a select few to take up the mantle and protect the world from evil! Someone - or something - is utterly decimating military bases in third world countries. SHIELD has been tasked with investigating the attacks, however their efforts have come up short. Director Maria Hill has asked a newly formed team of Avengers to help solve the mystery and bring the perpetrator(s) to justice!

    You have been summoned to the Helicarrier. Originally designed by Tony Stark, Reed Richards and Forge, the Helicarrier serves as a massive aerial base of operations for SHIELD. The ship is bristling with weapons and always has a small army of active agents going to and fro. The Helicarrier boasts STATE-OF-THE-ART MONITORING FACILITIES that are used to track criminal actives anywhere across the globe.

    You each arrived in separate Flying Cars, which are a mainstay of SHIELD's armory. You are escorted through the Helicarrier's corridors (some with more heavily armed and numerous escorts than others). You are brought before the recently promoted Director of SHIELD - Maria Hill. Her office is large in scope and comes with one heck of a view... Only it would be if her office were any where near the hull. You quickly realize that the "windows" are actually massive computer monitors that are simply projecting images from the clear blue skies above New York City.

    The office is EERILY QUIET.

    Director Hill sits with her feet propped up on her large, obsidian desk. A copy of the Daily Bugle encompass her entire body save for her feet and her fingers. The Headline reads, "SPIDER-MAN ABANDONS NEW YORK!" A picture of John Jonah Jameson is emblazoned beneath the headline. He's grinning ear to ear with a massive stogie stuck between his teeth.

    From behind the newspaper you hear an authoritative voice command, "Sit down. We have business to discuss."

    Conveniently there are six steel chairs laid out before her desk.

    She pauses for a moment to allow you to sit (or not).

    "Now, we all know the real Avengers and the X-Men and almost every other cape decided to jet off into space to fight Thanos. That leaves Earth pretty vulnerable, wouldn't you say?" Her finger tense up, crinkling her newspaper.

    "Well, I aim to correct that. This world needs Avengers... Perhaps not the classic goodie-too-shoes Avengers but an Avengers team none the less. I have called each of you in because you are the best at what you do and, like Wolverine's catch phrase, what you do isn't very nice."

    Maria taps an unseen button on her desk with her left foot. Suddenly the massive monitors switch displays, all four walls are covered with images of smoking ruins.

    "Someone - or something - is attacking military bases in third world countries. From Indonesia to Nigeria, from Zimbabwe to Turkmenistan - all completely decimated. There's nothing linking these attacks other than they are located in the eastern hemisphere. There hasn't been any terrorist or super villain chatter on the net or through our (admittedly, disreputable) underworld contacts. Someone is pulling off a major attack against the governments of the world and no one knows whose behind it."
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