"This must be important...a room full of killers isn't a trifling matter." Leaning in her chair, boots on the edge of the desk, the young woman flicks her head to part the long hair from in front of her face. She's slightly-tanned, and the said boots are well-cared for, suited for combat. Being taken out of study hall, though, Laura Kinney, better known as X-23, is wearing black cargos and a white-and-black striped tank-top. Eyes of piercing green look over Maria Hill, the Director.

Best at what they do, huh? Logan was a bit apt, in that. She listens to the sounds as the other woman changes - Black Widow. They've been acquainted before...most notably when taking down the Iron Maniac. If she's here, and Laura herself is here, the nature of this is one of espionage. Secrecy. Elimination. Then there's Power Man. Luke Cage. Part of her wonders how well his famed resistance can withstand her claws - but she pushes this deep down.

She's not as familiar with the other men, but she's given as wide a berth in choice of seating as she can to be away from Emma. The woman still considers her dangerous, and perhaps she is. Maybe she would kill everyone in this room. But she's at least going to make the most of what S.H.I.E.L.D. needs her for. They actually considered her, out of all the other choices. Good thing? Maybe. Seeing as Logan, Wolverine, has already been mentioned...

...well. She's most likely just the alternative to the regenerating, adamantium-clawed hero they actually need. But he's off where she can't watch, which irks her. He's going to go off and get killed. And then she's nobody's clone. Just a failed experiment.

"...what kind of equipment will we be provided?"