Not Real Avengers who does she think we are? Me, Luke Cage, Black Widow we've definitely earned our right to be called Avengers. Falcon thought to himself. He would have spoken his mind if he wasn't in front of everyone else. The last thing he needed was to be perceived as a whinny child by all the newcomers. And he understood that team building started now.

Falcon sat in one of the steel chairs but not completely relaxed since his flight harness was impeding him from relaxing. Not like this chair is comfortable anyways. He was dressed in his typical red and white outfit his wings spread over the chair. His pet falcon Rewing zoomed over the helicarrier keeping an eye out for Falcon. Whatever Redwing could see Falcon could as well and so far no impending danger could be perceived. He didn't know how well he could trust his new team mates. Some he had already met and some he had only heard of. Additionally, he didn't really trust Maria Hill all that much, the woman always seemed and acted like somebody had just punched her in the face.

This seems like a very pressing matter. I have over six billion pairs of eyes in the United States alone since I'm able to link-up with other birds. If we can figure out the next area of attack I might be able to figure out who our attacker is. Has there been any intelligence uncovered? Are there any leads? Falcon spoke out loud.