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    Maria Hill still hides behind her Newspaper, unflinching and unmoving.

    "Of course we have leads but none of them are reliable. The attacks take too long for them to be simple bombings. No, the terrorists are definitely looking for.... Something. Unfortunately, they have a habit of destroying the entire base after they've finished their search."

    Maria flicks another button with her foot. The monitors change once more to show you a dark skinned man lying in a hospital bed. He is bloodied and bruised. Looks like he went through one heck of pounding. The man is attached to all sorts of machines, definitely not a good sign.

    "One of the military bases attacked in Nigeria had a sole survivor. He apparently had the wherewithal to carve the word 'blue' into his left forearm, before something pounded him into a 10 inch thick concrete wall. The majority of his bones are broken. He's brain dead and in a coma. We were hoping Ms. Frost could use her powers to delve into his mind and retrieve any information. I'm sure they will just be fragments, at best, but any lead is a lead at this point."

    The Director shifts her weight slightly before continuing, "As for equipment, you will be given a modified Quinjet," her voice turns a bit (perhaps only a tiny, miniscule amount) playful, "You wouldn't be Avengers without one me thinks."
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