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    Sitting at the back and watching the scene, Frank Castle was reminded why preferred to work alone. A teams like this made so poorly in response to the next big threat can blow up at anytime if it hasn't already by Frost and X-23. Something he could use in time. At least the girl reminded him why he didn't mind working together with certain individuals, most notably her predecessor.

    But this was taking up too much of his time and Castle wanted it done with fast. He had real work to do than to play Avengers. "I'm surprised SHIELD doesn't already know what's going on." Fury would have already known by now, with reliable sources too because "I don't believe in mind reading nonsense" especially from a former criminal.

    "Just send me and the ruskie out and we'll get solid intel in two weeks" he suggested, referring to the Black Widow. Following up on the leads may be quite liberating from dealing with this troublesome group. "After that with Logan's princess and some heavy ordinance, we'll make sure they won't be anyone's problem within the month."

    And the sooner the better. This is taking him out of the work that really needed doing and for good reason. Forget about what SHIELD and Hill wanted from him, these events have made the mission a lot harder with the underworld and authorities spooked.
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