Doom Pool (2d6)[9]

Success! With more than 5 above the roll! Well done!

Emma peers deeply into the man's mind. It is a patchwork of memories. They seem to dwell on his Husband... His confidant... His lover. You push beyond the veil and come across a tiny black box. Try though you might, you cannot lift the box, it is far too heavy. Half-heard noises echo around you... "Hu... SH! B... F! N... O!"

Emma notices a tiny lock on the top of the box. She conjures a skeleton key. It slips inside the hole with ease. With a flick of her wrist, the container opens...

You see explosions. Every where. You see people falling to the ground. You hear wailing, crying, begging... Someone is giving orders but... But... He's gone. THUD! You look around... You see a Colonel's body on the ground.... BAM! Another explosion. Very close to you. You are flung to the ground. You can't hear anything now. Just... Ringing. Blood and grit have coated your eyes. Everything is hazy. You think you have a concussion... Though you can't hear it, you are rocked by another explosion... Then you see it. A hazy image of... A behemoth of a man... 8, 9, 10 maybe even 12 feet tall. Muscular... Angry. Blue... His skin is blue. He sees that you're awake. You know you will die. You pull out your combat knife and carve the word blue into your arm... As you finish the "e" the behemoth grabs your torso, squeezes tightly crushing your ribs... You black out for a second... The next thing you know you're falling... Then a giant hand smashes into your face and upper torso. You are pelted backwards... Straight into a building... You feel the thud but then nothing else... You go limp... All you can see is the image of your Husband and daughter, out in your grassy, half-acre backyard... He's barbequing hotdogs... He loves Hotdogs... So does she... You feel content... Happy... Then... Black...

Emma yanks her hands off the man. Suddenly all of the machines start to screech and whine. Doctors rush in. They try their best to save the man but... It is all for not. After four minutes of trying the doctors note the time of death.