Luke nodded his way through the meeting. His mammoth muscular frame glued to the seat while his mind set off wandering. First he thought about his friends fighting for their lives against god knows what at the far end of the galaxy. He wondered if staying out of the fight was the right thing to do. Maybe they’re already dead. He thought to himself before grinding his teeth and rearranging his thoughts.
His mind drifted closer to home. To Jessica and the baby. He mentally listed over a dozen names, none of which met with his approval. She probably already has a great one picked out and just want's to wait 'till the kid is born to tell me.
Seeing everyone get up to go jarred him out of his daydreaming. He tried following the group, but after seeing them split up Cage hung back for a moment. They’ll grab me if they need me he thought before cornering a random SHIELD agent passing by. “Man I’m starving, can you tell me where a fella can get a bite to eat on this bird?”