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    LOGAN'S PRINCESS? Hah. Clipping her Temp Badge on, she goes along with Castle. Judging from all reactions, he was one kind of mother****er. Nonetheless, she figures they'll probably get along fine, if he's got as much faith in her as a heavy explosive. Which is pretty typical.

    Looking over all the things, she gives a long stare at the objects. Eyes darting. There's almost too much to sift through - but something catches her eye exclusively. Is that an Ironman suit? No, it looks more...smooth.

    Asset Creation: Starktech Stealth Suit

    Affiliation (Solo(only one person can use it)): (1d10)[4]
    Scene Distinction (Treasure Trove): (1d8)[4]
    Power Set/Power Trait (Feral Mutant/Superhuman Senses(to spot it behind everything else)): (1d8)[3]
    Specialties (Combat Master(it enhances combat capability)): (1d6)[1]

    Effect Die: d8
    1 PP to add a 3rd die, and 1 PP to extend the effect.

    (Discarded: (3d6)[11])
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