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    Natasha said nothing to Falcon. Her focus went straight to the mainframe.

    She began simple and basic... Base profiles. Each base was located in areas where you could once call it the third world. It was here that they made a huge mistake: one base in particular was located in the old USSR.

    She brought up a separate communication and inquired with some of her contacts over in Russia. Maybe they saw something from another angle?

    She continued. Outside of Russia, no other attack on a prominent super power. Either the attacker or attackers were smart... or were politically connected maybe.

    She began deep cross referencing, aiming to find a common thread to yank.

    Africa... but none near Wakanda? Why avoid the Vibranium?

    Natasha is silent and cold, lending no help towards Falcon at all. This wasn't like her, she was usually passionate in her job, not cold. She was known to be cold when the situation warrented, but this was very... uncharacteristic.


    POOL: D4, 2D8 (D10), 3D10

    SOLO- [D10] (1d10)[2]
    SHIELD MAINFRAME: [D8] (Used with Focus)
    LEADER: [D4] (1d4)[4]
    COVERT MASTER: [D10] (1d10)[2]
    PUSH DIE [D8] (Use with Focus)
    SFX (FOCUS): [2D8] => [D10] (1d10)[7]

    TOTAL: 11; D10 effect
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