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    The Punisher grunted at Hill's response. She may be right that people will get killed but then at least they have a choice although he doubted that Fury would have gone down that easily. Frank understood the man. As long as the mission needed him, he wouldn't allow himself to die that easily.

    But the rest of SHIELD by the looks of it shared Hill's sentiments. Not everyone has the stones to do what it takes to get the job done which speaks a lot about Fury's other people which are sidelined like Dugan. Still, as long as they stayed out of the Punisher's way in his war he didn't really care much.

    Entering the armory, was kind of like Christmas only the group they were going to hunt now would take a lot more than the mundane weapons and Castle didn't want to risk using something he was not used to in the alien tech. But first thing's first he was going to look for something that has proven useful on more than one occasion. Laura was already getting to work looking for what she wanted but then it was completely different from what Castle was looking for now.

    Creating an asset called Pym Particles. Should be no problem since we found Stark Tech here right? XD

    Affiliation: Solo (1d10)[1]
    Distinction: Treasure Trove (1d8)[2]
    War on Crime: Weapon (1d8)[1]
    Specialty: Combat Master (1d8)[3] (1d8)[8]

    Well that sucks. An 11 total with a d8 effect and 2 opportunities.

    Before he could try looking for anything else Laura came back asking for some advice. "If its rifles and sidearms, I have plenty all over but wouldn't your pigstickers be better. I remember it sliced one of mine last time and that would be a lot better if we have to go against something which can hit military bases easily. We need something stronger and deadlier for the mission. Stop thinking like the spandex crowd playing their hero games."

    "But lets just make sure we don't miss out on anything here first."
    he said thinking of taking another look around for other things they can use.
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