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    Director Hill is already waiting in the Hangar Bay as the Avengers slowly trickle in. Her foot pounds loudly on the concrete while she waits for Luke to arrive.

    Once all of the Avengers are present she coolly states, "These aren't the puissant villains you are used to fighting. A.I.M. is the real deal people. They aren't messing around this time. Whatever technology they are using to carryout these attacks - and whatever monstrosities they are employing - are highly dangerous. You need to be as fast as Quicksilver, as smart as Tony Stark and as stalwart as Captain America. Steve Rogers may not have picked a few of you for this job," her eyes settle on Frank and Emma, "But I did. You are my Avengers. Now get out there and do your job!"

    She salutes the group then marches off to the elevator.

    The re-designed Quinnjet looks sleek, efficient and, most importantly, FAST. The loading ramp is sturdy, capable of bearing the weight of many very heavy people (like Logan and the Hulk). The cockpit is spacious, replete with all the essentials and toys one would expect of a Quinjet. There are enough seats behind the cockpit for everyone, plus an additional two. At the back of the jet, there is a supply locker that appears ready for anything, complete with eight portable oxygen masks, a standard issue supervillain manacle, eight pistols, a sniper rifle, fifty feet of rope, a high tech toolbox, rations and water.

    The floor beneath the Quinjet slowly rises up towards the ceiling, which splits apart like Moses parting the Red Sea. The aircraft lift reaches the flight deck of the Helicarrier, locking into the deck with a decided "thud".

    Maria Hill's voice comes over the intercom, "God speed Avengers."

    With that said, the Avenger's jet scurries forth into the WILD BLUE YONDER!
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