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    Default Re: AC and attack rolls, Saving throws? Variant Rule (PEACH)

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    @realms of chaos
    No, please read what I wrote. You roll an attack roll vs a DC. That DC is equal to your reflex save bonus plus ten. Variable offense, Static defense. We do this with all saves at my table because it is more familiar with my players.
    THIS was the part I didn't quite get. You talked about how AC was different and your desire to fix it and I didn't realize you had simply destroyed AC and that all of your Saves were now static values (I had thought that reflex saves and AC were still separate entities, even if you derive the latter from the former). It's an understandable mistake, is what I'm hoping to say.

    Speaking of which, rather than nerfing reflex, perhaps give power to simply shrug off some amount of harm through toughness (Fortitude) or to ignore pain and continue functioning ala autohypnosis (Will). Touch attacks can ignore fortitude resistance, flat-footed attacks can ignore reflex resistance, and will resistance won't be the best option in most cases either way (as you're ignoring harm rather than avoiding it or shrugging it off). Random ideas.
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