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Thread: The Sa'Kage [Base Class, 3.5, PEACH]

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    Sa'Kage Feats

    Well of Talent: Your talent reserves are deeper than that of most Sa'Kage.
    Prerequisites: Con 14
    Benefit:When you take this feat for the first time, you gain 1 inspiration point.
    Special: You can take this multiple times. Each time you take this feat after the first time, the number of inspiration points you gain increases by 1 (for example, you gain 2 inspiration points if you take the feat a second time). The maximum number of times you can take this feat is equal to your Intelligence modifier.

    Keen Arsenal: Your Talent Arsenal power now allows you to summon a magical weapon.
    Prerequisites: Sa'Kage level 4
    Benefit: Upon taking this feat, every weapon summoned by Talent Arsenal gains a +1 Enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
    Special:For every 4 Sa'Kage levels beyond 4th, this bonus improves by 1, to a maximum of +5 at 20th level.

    Mercurial Arsenal: Weapons summoned with Talent Arsenal can now be endowed with additional magical effects.
    Prerequisites: Sa'Kage level 6, Keen Arsenal
    Benefit: All weapons summoned with your Talent Arsenal now have the same +1 weapon enhancement applied to them, chosen when you take this feat. This enhancement must be one that can be applied to a melee weapon.
    Special: For every 4 Sa'Kage levels beyond 6th, the value of the weapon enhancements a Sa'Kage may add to her weapon increases by 1 (to a maximum of +4 at 18th level). A Sa'Kage may choose any combination of weapon enhancements that do not exceed her total allowed by level.

    There and Gone Again: Your ability to Be Elsewhere allows for greater flexibility.
    Prerequisites: Be Elsewhere class feature.
    Benefit: When Being Elsewhere, you may take one standard action at any point during your move. The total distance you may cover is still limited by your class features and feats, but need not be in a straight line. If this standard action is used to take an attack, the target is considered flatfooted.

    Hell and Back: Your ability to Be Elsewhere improves, but at a cost.
    Prerequisites: Sa'Kage level 10
    Benefit: When you use your Be Elsewhere ability, you travel through places dark and deviant. The number of times per day the ability may be used, as well as the maximum distance traveled per use, are doubled. In addition, for one round after the use of this ability you gain a 50% miss chance, as clouds of noxious mist and vapor cover your location. However, whenever this ability is used, the Sa'Kage takes 1 point of temporary Charisma damage.

    Designer's Note:

    Designer's Note
    So this is what I've got so far. Let me hear your thoughts, and if anyone has any new ideas for feats, speak up.
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