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Thread: The Sa'Kage [Base Class, 3.5, PEACH]

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    Quote Originally Posted by teleute View Post
    Yep! The class itself is directly inspired by the Wetboy, as noted above. If all of the abilities also fall in line with what the Wetboy can do, that's impressive, as exactly half of the people who helped work on this class have never read the books.

    Well the thing about that is that, while the flavor definitely fits, it isn't really that similar to wetboys in general. I love the class for being really good at being what it is, an assassin and stealth-master, but it is debatable whether it sticks to what is seen in the books.

    It certainly falls in line with what the main character can do, after a certain point into the story obviously, but when applied to most wetboys it isn't nearly as spot on. You see, they aren't really that magical. While they are just as likely to have magical powers as any other member of their race, it isn't a guaranteed in the slightest.

    I really feel like an ass for saying that. Sorry.

    On the other hand though, this class was only inspired by the books after all. You don't need to stick to the subject matter relentlessly and adding the talent abilities gives far more room to work with especially since almost all of them can be attributed to skill and preparedness rather than magic but it still leaves room for them to be supernatural in nature.

    Overall it is very well done and I love it. To be honest, just the name and the non-talent class features strike me as enough of a homage to excuse anything else you might want to add. Yes, even rainbow unicorns. .
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