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    Big Apple, 3 PM

    It was rare that Kurt made visits to the Empire City that didn't involve some sort of mutant attack, alien invasion, or giant monster rising from beneath the Earth's crust. And this was a particularly exceptional visit. Tonight, one night only, the Moonlight Theater would be holding an Errol Flynn marathon! Though he already had all the movies, seeing 'Captain Blood' or 'The Adventures of Robin Hood' on the big screen was just a different experience, one he absolutely relished when he had the chance.

    Of course, before he made it into the theater, he heard the sound of the thunder and the ground shake beneath his feet. As the city went dark, he realized that tonight would not be his night. And then there was the second thunderclap and he stared at the huge bolt of lightning that shot up into the sky, "Mein gott!"

    However, Kurt Wagner was never a man to simply stand by while a catastrophe took place. Whatever was happening, he would get to the bottom of it. With a loud BAMF he disappeared from the city streets to land upon the roof of one of the many large buildings that dotted the NYC. The Raft, the supervillain prison, had been blown open, and a cold chill ran down his spine. Running along the roof, he doffed his civilian attire, leapt off, and teleported to the scene of the action.
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