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    Faith and Religion

    The Sacred Sand, The Barren Lord, Death Bringer, The Reaper, From End to Beginning, Guardian of the Cycle
    Greater Deity
    Symbol: A setting sun of dark red-brown above a half circle of gray
    Home Plane: Amensi
    Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    Portfolio: Deserts, Drought, Afterlife, Rebirth, Ancestors, Samsara
    Domains: SandSandstorm, AncestorOA, Death(see below), LifeECS, RestorationDLCS, ThirstSandstorm
    Worshipers: Nomads, desert dwellers, the Chosen of Sand, Kreen, those who seek knowledge of the True Afterlife
    Klik'chak is widely known as the master of deserts, less well known as the lord over Amensi, the True Afterlife. The followers of Klik'chak primarily worship his desert aspects, revering him as The Barren Lord or as The Sacred Sand, giving a semi-divine reverence to all the deserts' sands in deference to their god.

    Few individuals know or understand Klik'chak's role in governing death and the afterlife, and he is commonly feared as the bringer of death. Unfortunately, his priests do little to change this misconception. Klik'chak does not bring death but only enforces it when it is a being's natural time, ushering its soul into the afterlife. Death is not the end, however, as Klik'chak guides those willing and able along the paths to rebirth, that they might live again in a new life. There are a few small, misguided death cults throughout the world that revere Klik'chak, though they receive little, if any, divine benefit from him. In fact, many of his other followers hunt these heretics and seek to stamp out their beliefs.

    Klik'chak is also the patron deity of the Kreen race, and they claim he takes their form. Indeed, most depictions of the god do indeed resemble a kreen. Though he is also often depicted in humanoid form outside of Kreen lands, many members of the faith, regardless of race, view this as heretical. Many of the tenets of his faith and other aspects of the deity seem odd to many people in the world but make perfect, logical sense when viewed through the prism of the kreen worldview.

    Worshipers of Klik'chak follow a doctrine of preservation. They seek to preserve things as they are, unchanged through the millennia. In the case of the Chosen of Sand, the goal is to preserve all deserts in a pristine and untainted state. For Klik'chak's Kreen worshipers, the ultimate goal is to preserve the unique Kreen-ness of their own existence. The clutch and, by extension, the Kreen nation become the single most important things in a Kreen's life. The followers of Klik'chak are a resolute, unchangeable group, destesting all things that fall outside the natural order of things as they perceive it. Klik'chak detests all forms of undead, and clerics who follow him always turn undead, regardless of alignment.

    The priests of Klik'chak do not have a typical hierarchy seen in many highly organized faiths. Many priests, particularly among the Chosen of Sand are druids or rangers rather than clerics; however, the high priest among the Chosen is always a cleric and is known as the Emissary of Sand. Among the Chosen, only one formal temple exists, located in the far southern deserts of Ramua. This Temple of Sand is an elaborate structure, almost to the point of being a small palace, carved into the living rock of a deep gorge. Among the Kreen of Xiua, priests of Klik'chak are known as ik'chtik and have a very strict clerical order with varied ranks and responsibilities. There is a great temple built near each major Kreen city, with the largest and most important just outside the city of Da'luk. These temples are generally built of sandstone and marble and inlaid with hieroglyphs of electrum and orichalcum, metals believed to be sacred to Klik'chak. The Kreen also have a strong tradition of ancestor worship, and many smaller temples honoring past rulers and great heroes tend to be built into expansive temple complexes around the main temple resembling small cities themselves.

    Klik'chak possesses three avatars which constantly travel the Material Plane, only occasionally venturing into the outer planes. Each remains unseen to mortal eyes as they perform their assigned tasks in maintaining the cosmic order, though they may occasionally manifest to the lucky, or unlucky, few. Each avatar has cults devoted to its worship throughout the world.

    Spoiler: Avatars
    Well known and feared throughout the world, the enigmatic figure known as Death is seen as wrapped in the shrouds of the grave. A black, almost featureless being, though probably male, walks the world to claim the souls of those who would evade a natural end to life. His hands, the only part of his body ever visible, are pale and desiccated, as if the ages of the world have set upon them. Though apparently feeble with age, these hands have a supernatural strength to them and a grip which can not be easily broken.

    Individuals merely raised or resurrected are seen as more or less natural and left to their own, but individuals who attempt to prolong their lives through undeath quickly draw his wrath. Death does not intervene directly except to counter the meddling of other gods, but he will give signs and omens and the occasional blessing if it will bring about the ultimate destruction of undead.

    Death carries a censer, shaped like a lantern, from which a thick greenish smoke slowly oozes. This censer is known as the Censer of the End and makes up half of the artifact known as the Lights of Eternity. He also carries a great scythe, with which he harvests the souls of the recalcitrant.

    The Barren Lord
    The form of the Barren Lord is much like that of Death, heavily shrouded and featureless, though the Barren Lord's shrouds are the pale browns of the desert sands. Unlike his counterparts, the Barren Lord has no apparent purpose among mortals. The figure simply wanders the wastes, crossing back and forth across the lands that Klik'chak considers sacred. Where he goes, the priests of Klik'chak are blessed, finding their connection to their god strengthened. Many rites, rituals, and holy days are scheduled to be held when it is believed the Barren Lord will pass by, so the timing of such events varies depending where in the world you are. It is entirely possible that, by traveling, one could partake in the same annual ritual multiple times in one year.

    The Barren Lord's true purpose is known only to Klik'chak himself, though many believe it is a guardian of the wastelands who protects Klik'chak's followers from harm.

    Sister to Death, Essence is also Death's opposite. Essence takes the form of a fair woman, dressed in dark pink robes wrapped tightly around her form, a silk scarf wrapped about her head and soulders. Her face is mostly obscured by a flowing veil, but her face and supple hands reveal olive skin and deep-set eyes so brown as to be almost black. Though none have heard her speak, she is known to have a musical laugh reminiscent of tinkling bells.

    Essence frequently travels between Amensi and the planes, for it is her job to ferry souls from the afterlife to the realms of the living, whether that be through resurrection or reincarnation. It is Essence who ensures the soul's safe travel to its proper place, and those recently resurrected may catch glimpses of her upon their revival, though these memories quickly fade as if waking from a dream.

    Essence carries the Lamp of the Beginning, the second part of the Lights of Eternity, a lantern of wrought gold and glowing rock crystal, which she uses to light her steps between realms.

    Death Domain
    Klik'chak does offer the Death domain, but he abhors undead. As such, the exact spells he offers differ from the Death Domain spell list as presented in the Player's Handbook.
    Klik'chak offers the following alternative spells:
    3. Speak with Dead: Corpse answers one question/two levels.
    6. Undeath to Death: As circle of death, but affecting only undead.
    8. Devastate Undead: Target undead must save or be destroyed; caster takes damage.

    Spoiler: Devastate Undead
    Devastate Undead
    Level: Death 8, Sorcerer/Wizard 8
    Components: V, S, F
    Casting Time: 1 action
    Range: Close (25 ft. + 5 ft./2 levels)
    Target: One undead creature/level within a 40-ft.-radius burst
    Duration: Instantaneous
    Saving Throw: Will negates
    Spell Resistance: Yes

    If a target undead creature fails its saving throw, it is destroyed. Creatures that are not undead are not affected by this spell. Only undead whose Hit Dice are less than or equal to the caster's level are affected.
    When an undead creature is destroyed by this spell, a feedback of negative energy is forced into the caster. This negative energy deals 5 damage per HD of destroyed undead. If the caster is undead, the negative energy instead heals it.
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