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    The Raft

    "Ungl„ublich!" Kurt shouted in disbelief as he watched the chaos. He wanted to pursue the pair flying away, but the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were outnumbered and they needed his help. But before he had a chance to react, he caught sight of another figure in the evening sky. Grinning, he shouted, "Fraulein Danvers! Normally I vould not ask such a vision to dirty her hands, but vould you be so kind as to assist me vith zese men?"

    Eager to get to the action, the trained acrobat flipped his way into the fray, using his natural agility and athletic talent to knock them out, "It seems you picked zee wrong day to make your escape, dummkopfs!"

    Affiliation (Buddy - Kapitšn Marvel is here to help!): (1d10)[6]
    Distinction (Dashing Swashbuckler - I'm in like Flynn! ): (1d8)[6]
    Power Set/Power Trait (BAMF!/Superhuman Reflexes - Defeating a mob of villains requires speed and agility): (1d10)[9]
    Specialties (Acrobatics Master - I learned a great deal in Max Getmann's Circus): (1d10)[4]
    SFX (Area Attack): (4d6)[1][3][5][5](14)

    Total: 15
    Effect Dice: d10, d10, d6, d6, d6
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