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    Default Re: [3.5] The Kreen of the Desert (race, classes, feats, and more)

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    I take it as pretty high praise that you'd consider scrapping your own work in favor of mine. I haven't even gotten everything posted up yet.
    True. i will keep my eye on whats going on and help whenever i can. once it get a better feel and see how it evolves before leaping in. im gonna make a leap of faith that its gonna be awesome.

    I want to adapt parts of what you have here, but i hate to plagiarize large bodies of text to repost on my campaign setting, so I figured I would voice that i want to reference your work in a tasteful manner without simply swiping it. Who knows? i might get the setting published eventually.

    Quote Originally Posted by Rizban View Post
    Do keep in mind though that the "Thri" are just one of the two major factions of kreen here. I'm not really going into very heavy detail on the two, but you should be able to get a good feel for the differences between the two in the fluff.
    tell me more, i always thought it was just the thrikreen, minus the flying ones, via feats.
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