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    Nightcrawler's one-mutant assault on the emerging criminals starts off promising - his first kick lays one out cold, sending him flying back into the crowd. Another quick flip and dropkick drops another to the deck with a loud thud. Some do their best to head away from the battle and make good with the escape - soon realizing that escaping from the Raft, even when un-powered, is easier said than done. The others do their best to lay hands on the nearest target not in an inmate uniform, namely the blue teleporting acrobat in their midst.

    "Hey, I know that guy! It's one of dem X-Guys! Get'em!" comes a voice from the crowd.


    Alright, I'm using the Mob on BR14 as my example (I guess it's both a Distinction and Watcher NPC?). I roll 5d6 plus the 1d8 for Swarm and get this:
    The best I can do with that is a total of 12 with an effect of d8, which Nightcrawler beats by 3. This reduces the Mob to 4d6. I also bought the opportunity from Nightcrawler, so he gets a PP and I add 1d6 to the Doom Pool (which is now at 3d6). This resolves Nightcrawler's action, there's still Captain Marvel, Shocker, and the Mob to go - and I'm assuming Nightcrawler would pick Captain Marvel to go next but I suppose it's up to him.

    Does that all seem about right?
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