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    Female Lawful Thief
    5'7'', 180 LB, brown hair, blue eyes
    Level 3, 2400 XP
    Speech color: Violet

    Strength 9
    Intelligence 8 (-1, only knows Common and doesn't write well)
    Wisdom 8 (-1)
    Dexterity 10 (no XP bonus or penalty)
    Constitution 16 (+2)
    Charisma 10

    Hit Points: 16
    Armor Class: 7
    Base THAC0: 19
    Movement: 90'/30'/90' (with backpack), 120'/40'/120' (without backpack)
    Background: 44 (Struggling)

    Saving Throws
    Death Ray/Poison: 13, Magic Wands: 14, Paralysis/Turn to Stone: 13, Breath Attack: 16, Rod/Staff/Spell: 15.

    Class Abilities
    Open Locks: 30%, Find Traps: 25%, Remove Traps: 25%, Climb Walls: 90%, Move Silently: 35%, Hide in Shadows: 24%, Pick Pockets: 35%, Hear Noise: 45%.

    Danger Sense, Detect Deception, Endurance, Healing. Basic proficiency: Normal Sword, Long Bow, and Dagger.

    Worn: Normal sword, dagger +1, +2 vs. dragonkind, long bow, quiver of arrows, leather armor, boots.
    In backpack: Mace, lantern, iron rations (1 week), 2 flasks of oil, thieves' tools, potion of defense +4.
    Riding horse, saddle.
    Encumbrance: 545+one potion, 365 without backpack. (I'm not sure how much potions weigh.)

    Money: 5 GP.

    Bio: Aditi was born in a village near the Castellan Keep. When she was fifteen years old, an adventurer who had just killed a dragon came to town. After that, not all her father's grim warnings about most adventurers dying quickly could dissuade her from her resolve to become an adventurer. She is primarily motivated by wealth, but not for its own sake, rather for what she hopes to do with it, for the world in general and her family in particular. Her parents are still alive, and she has two younger siblings.

    She dislikes the term "thief," and never expects to use her pickpocketing abilities outside of training exercises. Her mother advised her on what to purchase to begin her career (she couldn't find room for the iron spikes or the rope). Young, idealistic, and naive, she started out understanding the risks and costs of being an adventurer only in the abstract.

    When she was eighteen, the Gnomish Caravan came through her village, and she took the opportunity to join it as a guard. Traveling with them, she participated in a few fights with goblins and human bandits, even once claiming a magical dagger from a bugbear who was leading a party of goblin raiders. Killing no longer bothers her the way it did when she first killed a goblin, but with the Caravan, she hasn't been in much danger, or seen a great deal of excitement or opportunity.

    As the Caravan approaches Threshold, Aditi considers that perhaps, there, she'll be able to find a group of adventurers she can join.
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