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    The Raft

    Kurt watches as the prisoners swarm around Carol, smirking as a number of them are simply thrown aside. They simply had no chance against Kapitšn Marvel. Still, he had no interest in letting these irredeemable criminals put their filthy hands on her, and so with a BAMF! he dropped into the melee to assist her, "Do not vorry, mein schatz! I vill throw out zee trash!"

    Flipping through the crowd, arms, legs, and a prehensile tail went everywhich way, attempting to mop up the rest of this unruly mob of escapees.

    Affiliation (Buddy - Carol and Wagner, sitting in a tree!): (1d10)[7]
    Distinction (Dashing Swashbuckler - Though there are no swashes to be buckled, Kurt is doing his best to be dashing for the Kapitšn): (1d8)[2]
    Power Set/Power Trait (BAMF!/Superhuman Reflexes - Quick to the point, to the point, no faking. Cooking 'scapee's like a pound of bacon!): (1d10)[9]
    Specialty (Combat Expert - Kurt's a beast in a burly brawl!) (1d8)[7]

    Opportunities: 0
    Total: 16
    Effect Die: d10

    After the bad guys reaction roll, they can go. If they're still around, that is.
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