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    Whether it's the rain, the fresh air, or the two superheroes tossing them about like rag dolls, the mob finally dissipates and either runs back inside or fall unconscious beneath the onslaught of Captain Marvel and Nightcrawler!

    The S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the area have begun to assemble around the heroes, looking for direction and licking their wounds while already setting up triage and portable comm stations. Surely, the excitement has only begun...

    Reaction to Nightcrawler's Attack (Total: 16, Effect: d10)

    -Stepping up two Doom Dice - one from Carol's reaction and one from Rain, Doom Pool now at 3d6/2d8.
    Scene Distinction: Rain (1d4)[3]
    Last Mob Die!! (1d6)[5]
    Swarm Trait (1d8)[3]
    Mob Distinction Desperate (I can have more than one Distinction, right?) (1d8)[4]

    Total: 9
    Effect Dice (2): d8, d4

    Hoping this is done correctly. I won't get to post a second time tonight, so we'll pick up again sometime tomorrow night or Monday... whenever I get my 'Net in the vacation spot. Cheers!
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