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    Default Re: The Stick Awards II: Second Edition (Results and General Commentary)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ninja View Post
    I'm guessing you're using the old format for the results.
    More or less, yeah. Might play with the formatting a bit, but I'm going to use the general format that Nazzo, the 102nd used.

    also, here are a couple of custom smiley faces threads, cause I think adding a few of them would be neat on strips that feature a character who doesn't have an official smiley.

    Well aware of them and was already planning on using them. Thanks though for providing the links for easy reference. Much appreciated.

    Hopefully they'll be updated by the time the 800s roll 'round. I have a hunch we might, just might, need a Durkula smiley somewhere along the line.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nazzo, the 102nd View Post
    Brace yourself, young padawan.
    But why must I be patient!

    *looks over and sees what happened to Anakin*

    Oh. Yeah. Point.
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    Concluded: The Stick Awards II: Second Edition
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