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    Default Re: The Stick Awards II: Second Edition (Results and General Commentary)

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardcore View Post
    I love see this again, BUT it appears you want to re-start from #1???
    Yep. Already done so, as a matter of fact.

    I figured so much time had passed, and there were so many new people on the board, that a fresh start would be a good idea. After all, it's been over six years since the first batch started. That's like, forever, in Internet Time.

    Also, the Stick Awards was last done a couple of years ago (July 2011). That's another reason I wanted a fresh start. If it had been updated more recently, that would be one thing. As is...

    New coordinator, new beginning, I thought.
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    Concluded: The Stick Awards II: Second Edition
    Ongoing: OOTS by Page Count
    Coming Soon: OOTS by Final Post Count II: The Post Counts Always Chart Twice
    Coming Later: The Stick Awards III: The Search for More Votes


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