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    Quote Originally Posted by AmberVael View Post
    It's a nonlethal method of dealing with an enemy that causes no lasting damage. It is a reflection of the Aura of Menace ability possessed by Archons, the high intimidate skill and cause fear spells listed in the various Angel stats.

    The idea behind the effect one of awe, in the sense of wonder and dread, and a power of revelation, illuminating evil and showing it for what it is. It is the terror that a mighty avenging angel might invoke when swooping down on an enemy.

    Fear is something that has been associated with mythical angels as much as it has been associated with fiends. I'd say that it is often a different kind of fear, and tends to be used in specific ways, but for the purposes of D&D, it is still fear.
    Sounds good to me.

    So it is that many of these prayers are answered by different kind of servant:
    -should be "a different kind of servant:" - IE you forgot an "a:.

    With Eldritch Retribution, you need to specify that you pick the Eldritch Essence to apply in each individual case... or otherwise specify that the eldritch essence, or lack there-of is as per the last blast you fired.

    RE: Previous message:
    No mention of ghosts is made on the Tongues+Discern Lies thing.
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