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    Ryuunosuke Peredur
    Age: Appearance: twenties.
    Height: Average male height
    Weight: 145 lbs
    Alliances: Noble in Soul Society. In final year of Academy. Knows people from Central 46 (relatives).


    Peredur looks like an average man in his mid-twenties. Has good fashion sense (at least, in his eyes). Dark eyes, dark hair.

    Peredur is determined to become stronger so that ‘nobody else will have to die’. He’ll help others and heal others even when his own life is on the line. Rather than fleeing for his own safety, he defends others, sometimes even throwing himself in the crossfire, if necessary.

    History: As a noble, he trained in combat. He was determined to work with Central 46, become a bodyguard for one member of it, and he helped out there. He felt he would fit the job better by going to the Academy and learning Kido better. In his final year (just before the start of the Roleplay), before graduating and moving on, the Hollows attacked Soul Society. Peredur, as a result, decided he could serve Soul Society best by joining the Soul Reapers.


    Peredur is adept at some forms of Kido (healing and Bakudo) but is less adept at offensive magic. Similarly, his fighting style is more focused towards parries, blocks, speed, dodging, and avoiding rather than offensive attacks.

    He’s fairly intelligent and well-rehearsed with tactics, strategy, and history.

    Zanpakuto: Kyou Zou

    Description: It's a katana.
    Spirit: The spirit Kyou Zou is indeed a Doppleganger; his true appearance can never be seen, as he always looks like whoever is looking at him. Nearly exactly the same, but with a few key differences that cause an eerie effect: Glowing red eyes, horns, claws that only occasionally appear, teeth that appear sharp out of the corner of your eye, and so on.
    Inner World: An endless world filled with mirrors. Even the sky is reflective.

    Shikai: "Kyou Zou, Simulate!"
    Description: The sword is extremely polished and shiny. It reflects everything around it with minute detail...except people. People, their clothes, their weapons, etc are not reflected at all in it. When hit by another weapon, it appears to ripple like water in a pond does.
    Power(s): It has three powers that can be used in a combination. Each of them require saying the name of the powers.

    Primary Doppelganger: Peredur looks like his opponent, just like a reflection of him. No visible differences between him and the other, except perhaps powers and strengths. And creepy red eyes. Every single reflection of his opponent has the same red eyes, and a grin. (Using this also makes his opponent's reflection visible in Peredur's sword.) It is, ultimately, just an illusion.
    Secondary Doppelganger: Any Kido attacks used by Peredur into a reflective surface can be shot out of a reflective surface that has Peredur’s reflection in it. (If Peredur looks like someone else due to the First Doppelganger, then his opponent’s reflections also count because they’re the same reflection.)
    Tertiary Doppelganger: All of Peredur’s reflections (including his opponent’s, if First Doppelganger is used) reach out of mirrors to try to constrain the opponent if he walks near a mirror.

    Bankai: <will probably only unlock if after a 200+ year timeskip>
    Power(s): He'll be able to create copies of himself from a mirror that fight synchronously.

    Caeyrn Flaviu Citlali Belenus
    Age: 22
    Alliance/Day Job: Quincy of the Belenus family, Professional Actor


    Caeyrn has light hair, he’s well-built and strong. Often has a leather jacket, sunglasses, and other things typically associated with movie stars.

    He looks (roughly) half-French, half-Japanese, because he is.

    Caeyrn is a man who likes mortals. He’s fairly independent, famous, and likes to play sports. What he doesn’t like is when hollows, arrancars, or shinigami mess with mortal affairs, and he’ll threaten whoever he thinks shouldn’t be in the mortal world.
    However, if there’s a mortal’s life in danger, he will temporarily set aside his disgust with the Shinigami or Arrancar and may even work with them, until the immediate danger is gone.

    Basically, to him, any Spiritual Entity putting a mortal's life in danger is the worst offense known to man.

    Caeyrn is also a little mocking and unhelpful when someone's life isn't on the line.

    Caeyrn's Quincy family is from Europe; his mother's Japanese, so that's why he can speak Japanese fluently. Caeyrn's day job is as an Actor. He came to Japan to work in a Japanese film, and he stayed in Japan because he continued to get another acting job in a movie. Currently, they're filming a movie nearby The City. They've just started, as well, so he may be here for a while.

    He's also a Quincy, so he occasionally takes care of Hollows when there's nobody else to take care of it or when he's not busy.

    Abilities and Generic Objects:

    Caeyrn is physically strong, fast. He has great endurance, good accuracy and reitsu absorption control. He also has studied, a bit, in College. He's good at acting.
    He has a couple Ginto which he keeps on a keychain, next to his Quincy Cross (two squares offset by 45 degrees, with a circle in them.)
    He also has 6 Seele Schneiders, which he generally uses as a sword. One of them is modified to be longer and thicker than the others.

    Quincy Bow: Kiyoshi Ken

    Description: The bow is actually a sword which can still launch large energy arrows (like a crossbow). The blade of this ‘sword’ are little tiny arrows that can be fired out as well.
    Powers: As said above, it can fire both large arrows out the point of the sword, and many tiny sliver-like arrows along the whole side of the blade.

    Zornhau der Seelen (Quincy Artifact):

    Zornhau is a glove that he wears on his left hand, normally. There's three sockets for him to put the Ginto in. When he does this, it glows with Reitsu, and he places the modified Seele Schneider on it, and it begins spinning around faster and faster until it forms a shield-like disk.
    So, it's basically a Spirit Chainsaw Shield.

    [Reserved for Lugaru]

    Story So Far:
    Peredur was present during the Attack at the Academy. He fought back, but was, in all, too weak. One of his good friends died in that attack, at the hands of a hollow. Even while injured, he still tried to heal and protect others, especially from Sho's Shikai.

    The next day, he talked with Tarriz. They had a match, and Peredur learned his Zanpakuto's name after Tarriz became influenced by Sho's deadly sword.

    When the Espada Azmus was looking for a Fracción, Lugaru was one of the ones that stood up to the challenge. He lost, but did not die. Rather, he was merely knocked unconscious.

    Caeyrn was sitting on the beach waiting for filming to begin, when two massive Hollows attacked at the pier, looking like they came right out of Greek Mythology. He ran there and helped Kenzan take them out. After the two Hollows merged and were defeated, Caeyrn and Kenzan parted on less than savory terms.

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