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    Well colour me rather surprised. I honestly thought Ivory wouldn't make the cut due to my hamfisted attempt at her background, but what the heck. Great to be in another game with Lix, Ifni and Snark.

    Character Sheet
    Name: Ivory Skies
    Concept: Victim of the West's misogyny that refuses to be victimised ever again.
    Exalt Type and Caste: Scourge Caste Infernal (Kimbery Favoured)
    Anima: An ivory demon-shark's head rises up to swallow her, before imploding into a gush of white water once its jaws close.
    Motivation: Create a society worth fighting for.
    Urge: Wipe the concept of patriarchy from the surface of Creation (Kimberian).

    Strength ●●●
    Dexterity ●●●●●
    Stamina ●●●

    Charisma ●●●
    Manipulation ●●
    Appearance ●●●●

    Perception ●●
    Intelligence ●●
    Wits ●●●

    Abilities (Specializations +)
    [F]Martial Arts ●●●●● (Fighting Unarmed +3)

    [F]Integrity ●●●●● (Resisting Torture +3)
    [F]Presence ●●●●●
    [F]Resistance ●●●●● (Enduring Pain +3)

    Lore ●

    [C]Athletics ●●●●● (Swimming +3)
    [C]Awareness ●●

    [F]Bureaucracy ●
    Linguistics ●
    Sail ●●

    Backgrounds, Artifacts and Equipment
    Backing (Adorjan) ●
    Influence (Adorjani Demons) ●
    Cult ●
    Artifact (Silken Armour) ●●
    Manse (Gem of Adamant Skin) ●●●●
    Past Life ●●
    Resources ●

    Artifacts and Equipment:
    Artifact: ●● Silken Armour, White Foam Raiment
    [Oadenol's Codex, page 159]

    Manse: ●●●●
    Stone: Gem of Adamant Skin; socketed in White Foam Reaver [Exalted Core, pg 382]

    Proceeds of selling items stolen from home when she fled.
    >No significant purchases

    Hardened Devil Body x3
    By Pain Reforged
    Scar-Writ Saga Shield x3

    First Adorjan Excellency x4
    Effortless Adorjan Dominance
    Wind-Born Stride
    Death-Dealing Journey
    Who Strikes The Wind?
    Joy in Violence Approach
    Self As Cyclone Stance
    Threat-Monitoring Excitement
    Thousandfold Typhoon Hand
    Unimpeded Perfection of Exertion
    Foam-Dancing Haste

    First Kimbery Excellency x4
    Effortless Kimbery Dominance
    Mother Sea Mastery
    Spiteful Sea Tincture x2
    Tidal Renewal Discipline
    Sea Dissolves Herself

    White Reaper Style
    Falling Scythe Flash
    Revolving Crescent Defence

    Combat Stats
    Join Combat: 5

    Hands: Acc: 13 | Damage: 3L | Parry DV: 6 | Rate: 3

    Feet: Acc: 12 | Damage: 6L | Parry DV: 4 | Rate: 2

    Clinch: Acc: 12 | Damage: 3L | Parry DV: - | Rate: 3

    White Foam Reaver: Acc: 18 | Damage: 7L/2 | Parry DV: 6

    Dodge DV: 7

    Parry DV: 6

    Bashing: 12
    Lethal: 14
    Aggravated: 5

    Bashing: 7
    Lethal: 7
    Aggravated: 0

    -0 [ ]
    -1 [ ][ ]
    -2 [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]
    -4 [ ][ ][ ][ ]
    X [ ]

    Mental Defences:
    Dodge MDV: 9 (11 when resisting torture)
    Charisma + Presence Parry MDV: 4

    Compassion ●●●
    Conviction ●●
    Temperance ●●
    Valour ●●

    Primary Virtue: Compassion

    Adorjan (Cautious Gratitude)
    Kimbery (Wary Respect)
    Patriarchy (Loathing)
    Abuse of Power (Deep-seated Anger)
    Family (Melancholic Longing)
    White Foam Breaker (Appreciation)

    Seatongue (Native)

    Willpower: ●●●●●●●●●●
    [ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]

    Permanent: ●●●●
    Personal: 22/22 [(Permanent Essence x3)+Willpower]
    Peripheral: 45/47 [(Permanent Essence x7)+Willpower)+Sum of Virtues]
    Committed: 2

    Bonus Points:
    Integrity ●●● to ●●●●● - 2
    Athletics ●●●● to ●●●●● - 1
    8 points of Favoured Specialities 4
    Mutations (Blade Proof 1, Natural Armour 2) 2
    Favoured Charm: Effortless Adorjan Dominance - 3
    Favoured Charm: Effortless Kimbery Dominance 3
    Favoured Charm: Mother Sea Mastery 3
    Favoured Charm: Spiteful Sea Tincture x2 6
    Favoured Charm: Tidal Renewal Discipline - 3
    Favoured Charm: Sea Dissolves Herself 3
    Favoured Charm: Unimpeded Perfection of Exertion 3
    Favoured Charm: Foam-Dancing Haste 3
    Favoured Charm: Intolerable Burning Truths (Existence is Agony) - 3
    Favoured Charm: Sacred Kamilla's Inhalation - 3
    Favoured Charm: Freedom Lets Go 3
    Favoured Charm: Falling Scythe Flash - 3
    Favoured Charm: Revolving Crescent Defence - 3
    Favoured Charm: White Reaper Form - 3
    Favoured Charm: Bleeding Crescent Strike - 3
    Background: 2 dots of Past Life - 2
    Compassion ●●● to ●●●● - 1
    Total: 60/60 spent | Flaws: None

    The story of Ivory Skies begins in the West, with a widowed Eastern Guildsman, Ambitious Topaz, settling down in the capital of Coral. After a short but prosperous career trading along the length of breadth of Creation, Topaz had finally been assigned a position overlooking the Guild's trade going in and out of Coral. He brought his sons from his first marriage to Coral with him, employing them as his assistants.

    Topaz had been in Coral for only a few months when Melodious Pearl caught his eye. The daughter of a local gambling kingpin, Pearl was several years Topaz's junior, but they both fell for each other within the week of their first meeting. Topaz quickly petitioned Pearl's father for her hand in marriage, and after what effectively amounted to an extended period of haggling (much to Topaz's rancour), Pearl's father finally agreed to let the two be wed. Their daughter, Ivory Skies, was born a year later.

    Ivory's early years were filled with basic education, her father intending to have her help him and his sons with their work. However, it soon became clear that Ivory's talents did not lie in paperwork, especially when she returned home one day with a friend she had saved from a gang of bullies with nothing but a wooden stick.

    After a long conversation between Ivory, Topaz and Pearl, the Guildsman hired a martial arts tutor from the Realm to teach his daughter self defence and the art of swordplay.

    This treatment stirred resentment in her half-brothers, for they had not had the chance to pursue their interests, as each of them had been driven to follow in their father's footsteps. Their early venting of their resent was petty, tripping Ivory in the hall, throwing stones at her as she practised her forms and katas alone.

    However, as the years passed, her brothers grew more vicious. When Topaz and Pearl left on business or pleasure, the Guildsman's sons would beat their half-sister brutally, but always making sure the bruises would never be on show for when their father returned.

    Ivory was fifteen the first time her half-brothers raped her, and it wasn't the last time it happened. They kept her silent with threats of more violence and that they'd convince their father to stop her training.

    When they tried on her twenty-third birthday, she finally resisted, and left them unconscious and bleeding in the courtyard of the family estate, and finally told her father what they had done on all his trips away. Topaz was outraged, disowning his three sons and throwing them out of his house. He refused to support them when their crimes were brought to the attention of the guards and the court, and turned his back on them when the fines the laws of Coral imposed left them destitute.

    Three months later, Topaz died.

    His will left everything to Pearl and Ivory, but the law of Coral did not recognise women as possible inheritors. Topaz's sons claimed that everything he owned should be theirs, including his widow and daughter. The local law enforcement, not wishing to anger the Guild by running roughshod over the will of one of their more important bureaucrats in the West set a guard on the family house whilst the courts and a Guild representative attempted to broker an agreement that would leave everyone happy. Topaz's sons, however, were not happy to wait for compromise. They wanted everything their father had, and they wanted Ivory to pay for the embarrassment she had caused them. They incited a mob, and led it to their family's house and overwhelmed the guards. Once incite, the mob went wild, attacking servants and looting what they could. As the mob grew closer, Ivory prepared to make a stand, taking position on the threshold of the main building, intending to let no-one pass.

    Then, as the mob surged towards their door, Ivory's mother begged her to run.

    Ivory froze for a few moments, before she turned and ran. She ran from the town, and kept running until she hit the coast, and found a cave to hole up in.

    It was that night when a voice like knives and rushing water came and made her an offer: the strength to punish her brothers and all like them, the strength to never be a victim again. And all she had to do was serve the true rulers of Creation. She agreed, and the voice formed the Chrysalis Grotesque around her. Five days later, she emerged, her body changed, and she followed another, different voice deep under the waves to a ruin that the voice knew as home. She recovered a strange blade and garments from the ruin, before the voice of blades and water pointed her to Hell.

    Ivory hated Malfeas. Everywhere, demons people were suffering abuses orders of magnitude greater than she had dared thought possible. She stayed only long enough to learn exactly what she had let herself in for and exactly what she could do. As soon as her new patrons offered her a mission, she took it, and slipped back into Creation.

    The first thing she did was kill her half-brothers, and anyone she could find who was part of the mob the night she had fled. The second was to find her mother.

    She eventually found Pearl back at the family house her brothers had taken over, hidden away in a cell that connected to each of the brother's personal chambers. Her mother's mind was already gone, and so Ivory put the body out of its misery.

    She left the town her father had settled in all those years ago a charnel house, and moved on, giving up on Coral and the West at large. Since then, Ivory Skies has wandered Creation, tearing down any oppressive patriarchies in the settlements she passes through, forever looking for a society worth starting a new life in.

    Ivory Skies is a tall woman, standing just over six feet. She is built with lithe, athletic muscle across the entirety of her frame, as well as possessing generous curves. Her mixed ethnicity leaves her skin a dark, golden brown, which almost glimmers like a mineral in the right light. Her time in the Chrysalis Grotesque has left her hair and eyes all but drained of colour, reducing her hair to a pale ivory tone and her irises to a stark grey. More dramatically, her Chrysalis also left significant markers of the Kimberian demon that serves as her coadjutor. The bottom two thirds of her head has been covered in plates of organic material like supernaturally tough bone, replacing her mouth with jaws filled with peg-like fangs. The plating continues down her neck and onto her chest, covering the upper surfaces of her breasts.

    Ivory Skies is rather embarrassed by the gross physical alterations her chrysalis wrought on her body, and usually keeps them hidden under a long-sleeved silken armour jacket that covers the upper half of her torso, and hides the changes to her face behind a very high stiff collar. She wears a matching pair of white silken armour hakama, both items wrought for her in Malfeas from an ornate silken armour suit she found in the submerged First Age ruin.

    She'll speak in Light Blue, unless it's too hard for anyone to see.
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