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    They do not have a mother deity, though Klik'chak does have two children, one he formed from the elements of nature, and the other a great spiritual leader dedicated to evangelizing the non-insectoid races of the world whom he raised to the status of demigod and adopted.

    Klik'chak is referred to as Father but is actually genderless. He is their creator and lord of the desert, but his primary role is as the guide from death to life. Followers of Klik'chak believe that they move to the afterlife only temporarily upon death and eventually are led back to rebirth as a new being. Rebirth, however, is optional, and not all choose to be reborn. Those who commit particularly grievous sins are banished to Riikano, a hellish plane of fire and ice arranged in an endless maze of identical rooms in order to drive its prisoners mad.
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