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    Default Re: Iron Chef Optimization Challenge in the Playground XLV

    1|Wyrmlord Kranzon|Draconic Half dragon Sun Scorched Hobgoblin|LE| LA 4 / Paladin of Tyranny 6 / Talon of Tiamat 10
    2|Aleksander|Human|CE|Barbarian 1/Human Paragon 3/Warlock 2/Talon of Tiamat 10/Binder 1/Hellfire Warlock 3
    3|Tristyn R'yr|Human|Any Evil (not listed)|Sorcerer 6/ Talon of Tiamat 10/ Abjurant Champion 4
    4|The dead mists (Johnathan Smythe)|Necropolitan (Human)|Any Evil (not listed)|Cloistered Cleric 1/Shadowcaster 5/Thrall of Juiblex 4/Talon of Tiamat 10
    5|Abrasa Ka|Human|NE|Bard 9/ Fighter 1/ Talon of Tiamat 10
    6|Majeed Azar|Xeph|Any Evil (not listed)|Psychic Rogue 7/ToT 10/ Shadowmind 3
    7|Lady Grey|Steel Dragon Wyrmling|LE|Talon of Tiamat 10/Soul Eater 2/Spellsword 1/Mindbender 1
    8|Vox Dracul|Silverbrow Human|NE|Bard 8/Evangelist 1/Sublime Chord 1/Talon of Tiamat 10
    9|Suspect 1|Human|CE|Warlock 9 - Dragonfire Adept 1 - Talon of Tiamat 10
    10|Docí Dídoc|Half-Elf|Any Evil (not listed)|Bard 4/Binder 1/Anima Mage 5/Talon of Tiamat
    11|Sigismundo Celine|Forestlord half-elf (Aerenal)|Any Evil (not listed)|Bard 3/Swashbuckler 4/Talon of Tiamat 10/Vigilant Sentinel of Aerenal 3
    12|Emrys of Llud|Human|Any Evil (not listed)|Knight 5 / Death Delver 5 / Talon of Tiamat 10
    13|Calsus|Human|CE|Savage Bard 5/Ur-Priest 4/Thurmaturgist 1/Talon of Tiamat 10
    14|Firenequis|Raptoran|NE|Duskblade 3/Swashbuckler 3/Suel Arcanamach 4/Talon of Tiamat 10
    15|Zeddicus|Human|LE|Hexblade 4/Talon of Tiamat 10/Blackguard 6
    16|Spyro the Dragon|Wyrmling Steel Dragon Loredrake|NE|Spirit Shaman 1/Ur-Priest 1/Talon of Tiamat 10/Contemplative 1/Dispassionate Watcher of Chronepsis 1
    17|Krumbalt|Tauric (Kobold/Riding Dog)|Any evil (not listed)|RHD 3/Sorc 2/Talon of Tiamat 10/Dread Witch 5
    18|Leide Magora|Human|Any evil (not listed)|Bard 7/Talon of Tiamat 3/ Sublime Chord 3/Talon of Tiamat 7
    19|The White Whale|Darfellan|NE|Ranger 2/Thug Fighter 2/Talon of Tiamat 1/Zhentarim Thug Fighter 3/Scaled Horror 2/Talon of Tiamat 10/Avenging Executioner 3
    20|Violet Ruskin|Human|LE|hexblade 3/paladin of tyranny 2/ marshal 1 / fatemaker 1 / talon of tiamat 10 / uncanny trickster 3
    21|Doraanar Gireen|Loredrake Steel Dragon|Any evil (not listed)| RHD +LA 6/Talon of Tiamat 10/Warblade 1/Abjurant Champion 3
    22|Ornixen|Half - red Dragon Human|NE|LA 1 / Sorcerer 4 / Dread Witch 5 / Talon of Tiamat 10
    23|Haylee|White Dragonspawn Human|CE|Human Paragon 1/Sorcerer 1/HP +2/Dread Witch 5/ Talon of Tiamat 10 (LA +1)[/table]

    I'm really glad that I didn't actually use my second idea, as it is really close to some builds.

    It seems that dread witch and steel dragon mesh well with talon of tiamat. I wonder how a steel dragon / dread witch / talon of tiamat would have worked out.

    If I missed something (I put the table together while skimming over entries) please let me know.
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