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I note that currently, you can't use Light Tomes with iteratives at all. Are you going to make something for that niche?
Man, I've done this and the dark mage in like, four days. Gimme some time. xD

...hey, another person who reads Artemis Fowl!
Rooooot ;_;

I, um, direct you to my self-punishment comment...
Get Setsy to do it.

On Fire Tomes, there is no Ice subtype. You'll want the Cold subtype for that.

On Wind Tomes, what defines "flying"? Does levitation count? What about being thrown in the air? I'd just make it "airborne".

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Her name is Setsuna.

Hi Lixie! I'm not a fairy! ^.^
Ooooh. That makes three. Nice to meet you!