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    Grandmaster Shui'yan (pronounced "Shwee-yan")

    Gender: Male
    Race: Seems human...
    Age: Ancient

    Class (Approx): Monk
    Profession: Martial-arts sensei
    Power Level: A+. This guy is the ultimate Old Master/Badass Grandad
    Abilities: All those ninja-monk movies? He can do that stuff.

    Description: Wrinkled old guy in a brown robe. Looks oriental. When he takes his robe off, he's wearing brown cloth trousers and nothing else. However, he's not all disgusting - he's actually really muscular and, although leathery, his skin isn't anywhere near as wrinkled and saggy as you'd expect.
    Personality: Cryptic old guy sensei. Likes "Confucius say" type sayings. Easygoing and serene. Doesn't tolerate discrimination, arrogance, pride etc.
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