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    Arkant Del Gadis

    Alias: Doctor, Monster or Master, but most call him Arkant.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Unknown. (Currently Human with Chnages)
    Age: Physicaly around 30, His min is so old he lost count.
    Alignment: Neutral to evil
    Class/Profession: Wizard, Scinetist and Business Man.
    Power Rating: A
    Description: ((Needs Rework the old is still there in white))Arkant is a tall men. Most of the times he wears a armles grey robe, covering his torso and feet. His shoulder seem to grow something like scales, whcih appear very sharp and head down half his arms. Tatoos , showing off arcane symbols cover his lower arms and hsi hands appeak normal. Some of the scales appear also on his face, mainly on his cheek and to replace his eyebrows. His hair is cut short and grey. With the scales in his face he appears a bit angry all the time and makes it harder to get his current feeling.
    Personality: --NEEDS Rework_
    Equipment: Nothing to mention
    Abilities: As a wizard he specialised himself in charm spells, but also includes his magic for his surgeries.
    Backstory: --Comes soon-- is Connected to Fade and Zefir
    Miscellaneous: He got a few 'slaves' someone might say, but In fact they are people under some mind controll effects.
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