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    MPG's character collection
    Kordson: the mighty midgit.

    Sotek: fairly generic cursed sorcerer
    Name: Sotek
    Age: 19 but looks older
    Race: Half-elf
    Class: Sorcerer
    Alignment: Neutral / Chaotic Selfish
    Appearance: The curse gives Sotek an unusual appearance. Sotek's skin is an odd tarnished brass or dirty-gold colour. His eyes seem to match, the corneas(white part of eyes) are a dark yellowish and the irises are gold. Odder still, Sotek's pupils are shaped like hour-glasses. His thin, often unkempt, grey-white hair and gaunt facial features make him appear a bit older but the curse has not completely warped his body yet. He stands around 5'10" and remains fairly fit.
    Personality: Kind of aloof and disconnected. Finds most activities as tedious or strenuous. Socially awkward. Short temper.
    Abilities: magic, specifically; the basic cantrips and low level spells (light, ray of frost, mage-hand, prestidigitation, shield, magic missile, etc) as well some fire and shadow based spells (not all are D&D standards). Very Limited shape-shifting. Extensive use of magic physically weakens him and can cause him harm.
    Equipment: Several outfits both fantasy and modern. Bag of holding. Several magic items (wands, rings, potions) to expand his spell reserves. Couple of daggers. Can summon his "father's" spear, a magical weapon with several unique, non-combat, abilities.
    History: Found, adopted, childhood, magic discovered, school, teen, Cursed, studied, left, Nexus, more school/study?
    Full history:
    Sotek's village was attacked and destroyed by a band of Yuan-ti (snake people), all those who were not killed out-right in the attack were thrown into a snakepit as a sacrifice to their cold-blooded gods. A group of adventurers passed through the wrekage after having delt with monsters. The party's wizard, an old human sage named Meggitt, was investigating the sacrificial pit when he noticed something moveing other than the serpents, a baby clinging to the body of an elf woman. Meggitt retrived the infant, who appeared unharmed. The young boy was taken in by the old mage, who named him Sotek after an abstract word for snake. Sotek's early childhood was happy but fairly uneventfull, with Meggitt raising him as any father would. Sotek was never told about his origin and was happy enough not knowing the details. After getting enrolled in the local academy, Sotek's natural affinity for magic became apparent. He was a good student with above-average academics and slightly below average physical studies.
    When Sotek was 16 he was home from school when one of his father's colleges was visiting. Although the exact events are a bit hazy (too lazy to make it all up at the moment) Sotek interupted an experiment by the two old mages and caused the loss of a one-of-a-kind artifact and was cursed. The curse is not removable by any known means. Afterwards, Sotek threw himself deeper into his studies, becoming distant and secluded. Soon his father came and told him that he felt that he was ready for Sotek to leave home and experience the world. And well then Nexus...

    Isidore Theodynous: A fiendish illusionist with more than just a split personallity.

    Isidore Theodynous
    Has two forms
    Saint Isidore Theodynous Rex

    Nicknames: Izzy, Theo, -Rex-. Sir.
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fiendish
    Age: Old typically appears late twenties to thirties
    Class/Profession: Demon of Light
    Power Rating: B+
    Description: Most often appears as a tall broad-sholdered human but may take several physical forms. Is typically around 6'6" His true form is a secret known a few individuals, fewer still are alive after learning the secret.
    Personality: Has a gentleman's demeanor. Flamboyant, fairly verbose, and scoffs at violence. All this to cover his true nature as a murderous, deceitful fiend looking to watch the world burn, one soul at a time if necessary.
    Equipment: Nothing special at the moment. Often summons a broad-bladed falcion (sword).
    Abilities: A master of illusions. Can alter his appearance, become invisible, create images, phantasms, etc. Confident swordsman. Body can shift individual parts to be solid/ insubstantial at will (just another illusion.)
    Backstory: Too be developed later
    Only fights when he has a distinct advantage. A master of illusion but his tactics often become much less subtle when flustered. Can be overconfident.
    *I like the idea of pre-planning fights through PMs to some extent as I could see some of Izzy's abilities as problematic or appearing to be godmoding.
    May become the servant of a greater "evil" to further his own ends and obtain more power.

    Want to eventually have him develop a rivalry with another character (or a more general animosity) and end up in a fight to the death (his death of course), after which he is reincarnated as
    Name: Isidore Theodynous
    Nicknames: Izzy, Dyne
    Gender: Male
    Race: Fiendish
    Age: Young. Appears late teens/ early twenties
    Class/Profession: Nerd
    Power Rating: C
    Description: Appears as a tall, thin adolescent human or tiefling. Is capable of altering his appearance but prefers to stay consistent. Is around 6'6". His true form still remains a mystery to most people.
    Personality: Personality is almost a complete 180 from Rex. Is genuinely a nice person despite his fiendish heritage. Meek and reserved but fairly direct and non-secretive.
    Equipment: Nothing of note
    Abilities: Illusions. Can alter his appearance, become invisible, and create images (Is moderately more skilled than Elan). Despite a lack of confidence, is a skilled swordsman.
    Backstory: Too be developed later, depending on what trouble Rex gets into.
    This form of the character will try to avoid fights and will be the hopefully long-term version of the character. Depending on interactions could potentially gain some of the characteristics of the evil form.

    Vertbog Wortmek: Big happy Ork hippy with a courious streak.

    More to come
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