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So can ... normal combat magic. Wail of the Banshee kills you. Dead. And it kills all your friends.
It offers a save, works only at close range, SR, and is a [death] and [sonic] spell, so that's four or five points of failure.

Cloudkill + Forcecage kills a Fighter of any level, bar magical gear.
Technically, a great deal of luck can get them out of it OK (if you only ever roll 1s for Con damage and they make all their saves to halve that to 0). But again, it's ability damage, it's medium range, it offers a save to halve, it's poison, and it's relatively fixed in place, so cheap gear or feats can fix it. Four points of failure. (Seriously, who assumes no magical gear, when it's that easy and flexible and is required by the game?)

Dominate Monster kills you AND gives your opponent a free minion. Mass Charm Monster turns you and all your friends.
SR, close range, [mind-affecting], save negates, and mental control. Four+ points of failure.

Finger of Death kills you.
SR, close range, save mostly negates, and [death]. Three+ points of failure.

Hold Person lets a rouge dismember you.
SR, medium range, save negates every round, and [mind-affecting]. That's three and a half points of failure at least.

Sure, most of those things allow saving throws, but they don't allow energy resistance. They're also bad design (in combination with the boring 3.5 Fighter) because it means fighters and wizards don't have any synergy.
They are bad design. However, they're not quite that bad. They're usually limited not just by saves, but by immunities, range, and spell slot. The problem with blasting is mostly that energy immunity/resistance and larger HP numbers tend to make blasting spells relatively useless. (SR hits most spells equally, but Conjuration blasting obviously doesn't have that problem.) This PrC fixes those three main problems by the fourth level, which pretty much makes blasting the most optimal strategy you can have, even at very low cheese levels (no metamagic reducers). And it does so evenly for all spells of all levels.

But that doesn't matter, does it? Ray of Frost could do 40d3 (a 4000% increase) and it still wouldn't be worth casting - even against a red dragon. The reality of high level combat is that things die in one round. Two tops. If your class can't do that, it isn't competing.
OK, how about Twin Split ray of frost out of a 6th-level slot that can do half again as much damage as disintegrate and with no save? (Average of 104 damage if all four attacks hit, which is fairly likely against most foes, since touch attacks are easier to land than spell saves, vs 77 if the target fails a save against disintegrate after the touch attack hits.)

Switching that to Twin Empowered lesser orb of cold or similar cranks up the damage even further, to an average of 136.25, just by trading a save, SR, and two feats for an extra touch attack.

Lower-level spells have lower caps for a reason.

Why not just make conjuration blasting evocation blasting then? I always thought the orb spells should be evocation anyway. .
I'd be a fan of that too, but that's too much to stick in a prestige class, so this should probably be designed to work without that unrelated houserule.