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    Default Re: Primalist - making evocation a little more useful [PrC]

    So if I make it so it works only with the Evocation school, rename it to "Elemental Evoker" or something similar...
    Make it so it increases the damage cap by the class level...
    And take away one spellcasting level...
    Would it be better then? Except direct damage still is inferior to save-or-dies.

    EDIT: There goes nothing.

    EDIT2: Thinking about it, I suppose I could move the Elemental Affinity to 2nd and 4th level and change the Intensified Spells to 1st level so it moves smoothly.
    EDIT3: Done

    How does Mastery of the Element work with prepared casters? If I prepare a Quickened Fireball in a 6th-level slot, do I still have to use a 7th-level slot when I Energy Admix it?
    I don't understand what you mean. You can only spontaneously add the Energy Substitution metamagic, which is +0. If you Energy Admix it, you must prepare it earlier anyway.
    Otherwise it works just like the Incantatrix ability.
    Aaand EDIT: I see what you mean. Changing the wording.
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