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    Ray Jubadi

    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Alignment: Chaotic Good
    Class/Profession: Water Mage
    Power Rating: A-
    Description: A fair skinned kid with a slightly lanky build. Has blue eyes with bizarre pupils, one half of each pupil is blue and the other half is yellow, a white symbol that looks like the roman numeral two lies in the center. His hands are slightly webbed. He has blue gills that are attached to his ears, these gills resemble those of amphibians such as axolotls. Has light blue hair that is rather scraggly, and he doesn’t have any facial hair. Is usually found wearing a plain red tee and some shorts, is fond of hooded jackets because he thinks they make him look badass.
    Personality: Ray is constantly trying to help those he meets and is generally a nice guy. On the other hand he is both blunt and arrogant, rarely takes things seriously and is constantly underestimating those around him. He can actually be quite analytical when he puts his mind to it, but usually opts for impulsive (if not outright reckless) behavior instead. He loves to fight and can be a bit of an instigator, but has a strict no killing rule for any person (as in any sapient, thinking, feeling being.)
    Equipment: Ray travels fairly light and keeps his things in a tan bag he keeps on his back. Ray doesn't carry any conventional weapons, relying on his powers to protect himself. He does carry two strange glowing artifacts, these allow Ray to boost his power exponentially. However he can only tap into these artifacts for a short while and after he uses them he becomes useless until he can get several hours of sleep. He also carries around whatever money he can acquire, a handheld, a cellphone and some necessities.
    Abilities: Inside Ray’s pupils lies a pocket dimension which can hold a pools worth of water. Ray has spent many years training to control this water and use it in combat. Because he is limited to the amount of water stored in the pocket dimension he cannot hope to match the raw power of spells by more traditional water users, instead he tends to utilizse a method of close to mid range combat which uses the available water to propel himself around the battlefield. While he can replenish his supply of water by drinking or absorbing it through his skin, it takes too long for additional water to be properly integrated with the pocket dimension for Ray to replenish his supply during combat. Ray can make his body intangible for short periods of time to phase through attacks. He is so reliant on this intangibility that when struck when not expecting it he goes down very easily. His unique eyes also give him the ability to break illusions. Ray’s gills allow him to breathe underwater, however because there is more oxygen in the air then underwater he still needs to come up for air occasionally. Finally, Ray has the ability to jump up to thirty feet into the air and he can change direction by pushing his feet off a cliff or similar object.
    Backstory: He doesn't like to talk about. One may get the feeling that there lies a darker history behind his cheery exterior, but noone in the Nexus has as of yet found out about it.
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