I was under the impression that feats should not scale with level.

And... my goodness. That's a lot of feats. Maybe if you grouped them according to archetype? (Battlefield controller, intimidation, tank, charger, etc.) It's hard to get one's mind around them all at once.

I am also not sure that they all need to have fighter level prerequisites. Barbarians, say, won't be taking many of these feats - they don't have bonus feats like fighters do, and they need to improve their rage and stuff. If you do have a fighter level prerequisite, I think it should be for those feats like shock trooper that give multiple options. It would be like 3 feats in one.

ACF's that give benefits at odd fighter levels might also work. Especially levels 5, 7 and 9. If you take 9 levels of fighter that's not a dip anymore.