[Soul Society]
On the way to Headquarters

After visiting Sabitsura Sho and guiding the visitors from the Royal Guard to Black Dragon Gate, Zheng Li Lin limps through the darkening streets towards Li's new office. The old Commander is hardly on a happy mood, but it can't be allowed to distract from Li's various new duties.

One, in particular, stands clear in Li's mind: that of getting acquianted with Li's new Vice-Commander. Izanagi-no-Mikoto, the corner-stone of Gotei and Shinoreijutsuin alike, left too suddenly and took too many secrets with him; now, the former Medicine-and-Logistics head is determined to not repeat his mistakes.

As street lamps spark outside to shed light to the coming night, Zheng Li Lin arrives in Headquarters and seeks out the current Duty Officer. "Good, ah, night. I'm here for my Vice-Commander. Sadly, his name eludes me, but you ought to find him on the roster." The Commander probably did read it on a report earlier that day, as Li heard this person was involved in the fight with Sho. Still, Li has not interacted much with the man. The previous Vice-Commander, one Amaterasu Naomi who was tragically executed, is sill in better memory.

"Tell him to come and meet me in the lobby. He has 30 minutes."