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    "Good. The last thing I need is having my replacement rendered comatose by a 'sparring accident'. " There is absolutely no humor to be found in the last two words. Then, Li stops dead on Li's tracks.

    "We're here."

    Here, in this case appears to be a lot of empty land somewhere around halfway between Black Dragon Gate, warehouse district and the Central Hospital. Hey, wait a second. Since when has there been an unbuilt lot in the middle off...?

    " 被揭示 "

    As the Commander's words echo from the buildings, the air ripples strangely and space seems to expand in the middle of the lot. One by one, three greenhouses made from dark blue glass shimmer into visibility, though they remain just dark shadows against a greater darkness of the sky.

    Li leads Koutarou to the greenhouse with number 2 emblazoned on the door. Inside, it is pitch-black until the Commander hits an unseen switch with the bamboo cane, after which dim blue lights (possibly ultra-violet?) alight the room. It is filled with various plants, mostly ferns. There are two work benches, one filled with vials, pliers and other chemistry equipment, the second bearing a pile of books and papers. The air is humid and opressingly warm.

    There is only one chair present. "Come in and close the door, please", Li tells Koutarou as the elder walks to and sits on the chair.

    Li is speaking chinese. That phrase is spelled "Bi jiēsh" and means "Be revealed".
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