The officer looks as if he has been scolded, as if a child.

But something seems to weigh on his mind. Whence came the first Shinigami? Who was the first one to say that Hollows needed to be hunted, that developed tools for it?

"Personally, I don't like for people to be hurt. It is in that sense that I respect your opinion. Though I realize it may have been presumptuous of me to say I understand it."

Koutarou took the drawing and thought. 'A Shinigami is something you are'. But then again... all Shinigami are Pluses, but not all Pluses are Shinigami. While there are those who arise with natural fighting talent, Shinigami as they exist - as Koutarou knows them - are Pluses with a very specific training. Yet they are no ordinary Pluses, either.

"In the middle, I suppose." He carefully replied. "A purified Hollow becomes a Plus. A Shinigami would be the link between these two states."