There is a very solemn look on the Commander's face as Li replies. "Have we Shinigami ever been a big happy family? The first act of our organization was that of exiling the House of Suou from Seireitei. Just yesterday, Yasunobu Sawada presented us evidence that the start of this conflict, the Scarlet garden, was in part engineered by his father Shenryuu to assassinate the last members of that branch. Grudges run deep when their holders live this long."

"I've not, at any point, denied we are at war. I fully expect there will be armed conflict before this is over. But unless we want this conflict to end in disaster, understanding its exact nature is vital."

"How old are you? Do you remember how, just four hundred years ago, we used to execute our criminals by feeding them to Hollows? Do you remember why we stopped? Do you know why we use the Sokyoku, a mean that destroys the soul, to execute them now?"