"I'm about old enough to recall what you describe, sir. I'd like to say the reason we stopped is related to our advancement as a civilization, but that would be kidding ourselves. As for the Soukyoku, I'd wager it ensures that none of those people will return to create whatever trouble they did."

For all the apparent cynicism in Li's opinions, Koutarou couldn't help but appreciate the insight from the elder. The Vice-Captain was willing to concede he lacked much of the experience that his superior had been trying to impart on him throughout this conversation. Experience breeds perspective, after all.

"Given that we are not a 'big, happy family', what do you think would happen if we added Arrancar to the mix? At the very, very least, some of the more... 'class-conscious' members of the noble houses would be miffed. That'd breed grudges of its own.

Generally speaking, we'd have to convince many folks that it is in our best interest to give coexistence with the Arrancar a shot... if that is what you are suggesting at all, sir."