"Well, like I said, we won't." Li leans back and crosses fingers before Li's face. "Frankly, it amazes me these creatures came and insisted on peace themselves. If I could convince my Captains to go along, we would agree on that offer, regardless of whether the Hollows are being serious. But at least at this juncture, that has proved to be impossible. Yasunobu Sawada is gone. Deserted. I don't know what he is doing or where, but I fear the worst. Kiba-san likewise openly stated he will not stand behind me in pursuit of peace, and has been missing since this morning. Sadly, for all his talk about civil war, I feel he does not realize he is sowing its seeds himself. If he deserts, the rest of the Combat Division, his 'Pack', will soon follow. They are more loyal to him, than they are to me."

"We must make these creatures fear us. Fear us more than they hate us. Hollows are born out of fear, and it is a feeling they certainly understand. Sadly, we have no credibility right now. We can't bluff now, it would be too easy to call. If we were to bluff, our only hope would be that these creatures are bluffing as well. I hope Hishikawa Setsurou and Junrin Arianna can verify whether they are once they return from their mission to this supposed Hollow city."

"But, for now, we must take their claim of strenght at face value. If we refuse, this conflict will turn into an extermination war, and there can be only losers in such scenario. We need... leverage. A new weapon, perhaps. Something to buy us time and a chance to build our strenght."

"The best option, hypothetically, would be to divert their attention to another enemy. Perhaps some third party that is detested by Shinigami and Hollows both. But such party does not exist, as far as I'm aware."